OVO charges for meter reading?



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    edited 8 December 2023 at 12:45AM
    You seem to have overlooked my earlier comments by the way - the answer to the first paragraph here would help people to establish whether your position is reasonable or not, and so to advise you if you have grounds for any form of complaint. The second para makes a suggestion of how you can get around the problem in the future. 
    Not overlooked, I was not in a position to answer. 

    I supplied meter readings in February 2023 and they paid me £20 for it.  They came to read the gas meter in August 2023.

    And now they are cold calling me with empty threats in December 2023. 

    I have updated my meter readings yesterday, they owe me £3000.  their estimated readings and bills in between have been spot on with my actual usage,  the readings I gave yesterday were exactly in line with the useage since the last bill on 1st November.   

    I have reduced my Direct Debit to £5 a month. Their minimum amount.

    I will be looking for a new supplier.

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    If you want to keep in top of things, maybe choose a supplier who lets you pay variable DD, so no credit or debit balance and no arguments about where your monthly DD should be set.
  • Seems to me that the OP has more money than sense - £3k in credit, ludicrous.
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    ecraig said:
    I saw a post from the OP earlier in the year about their high credit.
    People kept replying and suggesting they’d ask for a refund from supplier, but alas, it seems they did not. 
    Maybe OP is keeping the balance high so there is something interesting to tell John at the pub, Barbara at the salon and Vanessa who collects Alfie from school on Wednesday afternoon. 
    And, sadly, “Martin who uses information about customer credits to help educate others about managing their energy accounts” - it is situations like this which skew the figures and make it appear that the situation with credit is worse than it is. I do wonder how much the amount being held by the energy companies of customer money would drop if those who knew what to do to to resolve the situation but simply didn’t bother were removed from the figures.
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