The ASHP advice and help thread

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As ASHP become more mainstream as heating they become a part of the main energy board.

ASHP are rarely left by installers at the most efficient settings and often installers will leave them turned up to max to mimic gas central heating so they don't get called back for radiators that don't scold your hand when touched.

There is a wealth of knowledge on this board and as we have entered winter early this year the scary 30-60kwh daily use of electricity can be a hot topic and a bit of a downer as we had such a mild winter last year. 

There are some great historic posts out there from seasoned heat pump owners but often hidden in the bowles of the forum.

Some of the gems

I bought a heat pump

air source heat pump planning permission required

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  • Thank you for mentioning the thread that I started almost 3 years ago now.  Back then there were far fewer people who had heat pumps and were prepared to discuss them.  Now there are possibly ten times as many heat pump users who will post about their experiences.
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    I'd posted this elsewhere earlier, I'll throw it in here too. Highest usage was 13th December last year at 56kWh with an overnight temperature of -15. 

    I'm 2 hours away from monitoring my heat pumps consumption for a year.
    We've got a Warmflow Zeno 11kW AS03 that was said to return a scop of 3.3 at 50 degrees and an energy usage estimate of 5700kWh.
    Anyways, that aside, 1st December till 30th November, we've used 5402kWh.
    Seeing that, I'm happy that the company we got to install knew what they were doing and delivered what they said they would deliver.
    £1527 at current electricity prices, my kerosene costs at current prices would have been approx £1496 (someone got it for 68p last week)
     Currently on Octopus Cosy and saved £35 last month on my total electricity usage, not just the ASHP.
    The system cost us around £6700 plus the £7500 grant (Scotland). Our kerosene burner and tank needed replacing, and I wanted new radiators and pipes (old ones microbore) anyway. I'd guestimated £11k for that.
    In summary, slightly more expensive to run at current prices, saved on the install instead of renewal. The house is never cold and the waters always warm.
    I still think I can make improvements, let the new year begin.

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    It must be well worth the £31 to not have a stinking oil tank in the garden. Well done and keep tweaking!
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