Tv license for previous address

Hi everyone,

I dont know if this is the right place to ask a question regarding the tv license but i saw many previous posts that were relating to this and i am a newbie to this forum :smile: . Please let me know which would be right thread if this is not. 

I had bought a tv license for a whole year in my previous property but i moved out only after eight months which means there was still some time left on the license. I moved into my friends place where he has a tv license. I forgot to inform TVL about me moving out from my previous property and i haven’t got any letters to my current property 

I was going through my old emails and found reminders from a year back to renew my license( only 3 emails). Now i am panicking i might receiving the threatning letters to my old address my name. Could this be the case? 

I also checked if i could login to my account on tv license website using my old license number but after entering the details it says details dont match or doesnt exist. Should i be panicking or will i be okay, i have no way of knowing if i have received letters to my old address. Does anyone also know why my old tv licence number is not working?


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    It doesn't sound like you have anything to be concerned about. Make sure that if there is any auto renewal direct debit in place that this is cancelled.

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    A few points on your questions...

    - When you moved out of your old address, you could have contacted TVL and cancelled your old Licence.  You would have received a refund of your unused months.

    - I believe TVL policy allows for a refund for up to 2 years, so you may still be able to obtain one, especially if you can prove your change of address.

    - You may or may not be receiving reminders at your old address.   In order for that to happen, the most significant factor is that the property remains empty or the new residents have not bought a Licence and not informed TVL that they do not need one (which they are not obliged to do).    It doesn't really matter that much, and those letters will revert to "Legal Occupier" after 6 months.   Generally, it's a good idea to arrange mail redirection when you move as this helps to protect against identity theft.

    - I would probably phone them to investigate a refund.   Other than that, there doesn't seem to be anything to sort out.   A TV Licence applies to an address, not to a person, so there is no need to account to TVL for your movements between addresses, as long as the addresses have/had a valid TV Licence when you needed one.  
  • Thank you both for the quick answers!! :) 
    I am glad i have nothing to worry , had a few sleepless nights worrying about this .

    As for the refund , i did not know there is a two year window to claim , which is definitely something I could do next. 

    The previous property was immediately occupied by another tenant and also spoke to the letting agent who informed me that they usually inform all utilities about a person moving out and a new person moving in so the new tenant must have received a new letter from TVL under the name “occupier” 

    I have learnt my lesson now to arrange mail redirection going forward. 

    Thanks again both and sorry to bother you with noobie questions, fairly new to the country and just want to make sure I follow the right procedures :)
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    Gt2018 said: The previous property was immediately occupied by another tenant and also spoke to the letting agent who informed me that they usually inform all utilities about a person moving out and a new person moving in
    Electricity, gas, and water are utilities. Broadband/phone might also be included in the bundle. A TV licence is not a utility, nor is it an essential service, so I doubt a letting agent would be contacting TVL about a change of tenant.

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