Possible Rate/Mice in loft?


For the last couple of nights we've heard scratching/scraping noises from the loft. There is loft insulation in an area, the Kingspan type, and it sounds like they are scratching that. 

Quite scared to open the loft hatch and we do have suitcases up there. 

Does anyone know what Rentokil charge and if they are definitely likely to solve the problem?  Or is there another solution?

How could they have got into the loft area to begin with? There are only suitcases and cardboard packing boxes stored there. We don't keep food or rubbish lying around in or outside the house so it's mystifying. 



  • I've just googled again and someone said it could be squirrels?  We never used to have squirrels but they are now in the garden.  What if it's them in the loft?
  • Ayr_Rage
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    Any trees nearby from which squirrels could jump, they could be nesting in your loft.

  • Animals like squirrels can climb up the outside of houses. They won’t jump out at you if you open the hatch. Perhaps try putting a radio in the loft fo a couple of days on a talk station perhaps radio 4. I find they normally move on quite quickly. 
  • I'm more worried if it's mice or rats. Very scared to attempt opening hatch!!  May have to rope someone in for this. 

    Yes there are trees nearby (back of garden) and verge in front of house.
     It's mid-terraced house - but neighbours on both sides have loft conversions, so I guess they aren't travelling "roof to roof"?

  • If you open the hatch they are most likely to scurry away...not attack!!!

    You could bait some traps, leave them just inside the hatch and then come back in a few days time to see if you've caught anything.

    I don't know if their are rules about what you can or can't catch with traps (either kill or humane) and if that includes squirrels.
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    The only problem with catching a squirrel in a trap is that you are not allowed to let it go back to nature alive... 
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    edited 28 November 2023 at 8:30AM

    I live in a terrace, and when I got mice in the attic it turned out they were coming through from next door, even though Next Door had a loft conversion.
    They then used the central heating pipes and cavities to move round the rest of the house but the nests were upstairs. 
    They  will be more scared than you so at the very least you probably need to open the hatch and have a look to see what type of dropping as you can see.
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    Emily_Joy said:
    The only problem with catching a squirrel in a trap is that you are not allowed to let it go back to nature alive... 
    Same applies to mice and rats... So humane traps aren't the greatest idea, unless you want a new pet.
  • Have a look at your local council website to see if they offer pest control, ours seems very reasonable price wise and deals with mice, rats and squirrels

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    Years ago I had mice in the attic. They would come in for cold spells wanting somewhere warm to wait it out.
    They used the cardboard for nests eventually.

    I used a strong smelling spray and sprayed the boards and rafters. In my case, what was to hand which was flea spray for the dog.
    But strong essential oils in spray bottles will do the trick - probably. Works for keeping determined cats away.
    The little critters went elsewhere  :)

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