Barclays switch nightmare. Advice please

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Hello I did a switch in to Barclays on the 23rd November and woke up to find no money was showing. I contacted Barclays and they said it was sent to a old Barclays account witch had been closed and said I did this in the switch setup witch I didn't I now have no access to my money and can't pay my bills they are saying they have raised a complaint and it will take up to 5 days to get a response. What on earth do I do


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    Are they saying that the switch worked but to a different account (of yours) from what you wanted?  If so, then the balance, and any subsequent credits, as well as debits, should be pointing to this account?  Or are they saying the switch failed because it was to a closed account (which should obviously have been identified a week before)?

    Either way round, it's not unreasonable to seek prompter action than a week, so you'll need to pressurise them....
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    They switched me to a old closed account instead of the new one that was stated and moved my balance from Lloyds but when I was paid my wages it bounced back and I have no idea where that is now. So they have switched me to a closed account witch me or Barclays cant access.

    I literally have no money and no bills can be paid because it's a closed account and Barclays just don't seem to care
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    If you can demonstrate that they didn't follow your instructions then they'll be on the hook for all costs arising from their failure, not that this will be much consolation in the short term.  I don't understand how they can direct a balance to a 'closed' account and then claim not to be able to access it, but the technicalities of exactly how they got you into this situation aren't particularly relevant, you just need to get them to sort it out and quickly!

    If your wages bounced back, is your employer aware of this?  Are they able to pay your wages elsewhere, if you have another account to use temporarily?
  • I don't have proof of the account I selected but it was the only one showing at the time and we doubled checked it against my card.

    I also don't understand how it wasn't even picked up that it was a closed account they were trying to move my money too.

    I have emailed my work place to see if the money has been returned to them.

    To be honest I have savings in another account but they moved all my direct debits to the closed account so even if it had money the bills can't leave that account as it's closed.

  • To avoid any unclaimed direct debits leading to missed payments and negative credit history markers, I would suggest contacting your suppliers and those whom you pay bills to and pay manually. It could get messy and you end up making duplicate payments but that could be a better situation than a load of missed/late payments. If you end up making duplicated payments then i'm sure you'd get the money back!

    Hope you can get this resolved ASAP.
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  • Your employer is probably still using BACS to make the payments, so the only check they may do it called modulus - which checks that it is a valid sort code/account number combination - not that it is active.   

    I would be asking Barclays to provide a temporary interest free overdraft to the value of your missing income.
    You can pay all your outstanding bills by app/internet banking or credit card.
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    I have requested a switch twice now and it's just not happened. 
  • I've recently completed a Switch to Barclays (from Nat West). Barclays never even bothered to confirm the Switch was complete, nor did they keep me advised by messages during the process. I've done several Switches before and all have been fine with good communication. Barclays, in comparison, seems very sloppy (as I see from other messages here). I doubt I'll be with them long after I have my £175 in hand.
  • Well they have managed to move my balance from switch to the new account but still not the direct debits I keep phoning as they say I need to speak to the switch team witch they can't call only send message to. The customer service is a jock, I'm going to really complain if I don't get the switch incentive too. And I joined blue rewards which will also charge me £5.
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    The customer service is a jock
    Scottish call centre? ;)

    Sorry, I know the situation isn't a joking matter - all I can suggest is that you continue to pressurise them as needed to get things stable again, and then afterwards make a formal complaint and also seek reimbursement of all incremental costs incurred.
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