New driver insurance so mad..

My daughter is 17, doing A levels and works part time in Supermarket, and just passed her test, so we are looking to get her a cheap car.

We were expecting the insurance to be about the 1500-2k mark to begin with based on what her friends parents have told us, but we have been getting quotes today and they are wild, like 4k-5k for a 1.0 or 1.2 around ten years old worth 2-3k..

We have tried adding myself (driving 33 yrs) or my wife (22yrs) both clean licence, as additional drivers, and that does nothing, they still want crazy money..

We've used all the comparison sites and they always come back mental prices... 

Anyone know any ways to get this down or other companies to try as we just cannot afford to get her one at those prices.

Our own cover is only £500 for a 2016 1.6tdi and I tried adding her as a 3rd driver for now and they wanted nearly 6k...



  • Try a newer car say a 2020 VW Up! does that give you a better result?

    If not and you havent purchased a car yet have a look at different cars and what they give for insurance and choose the cheapest one?

    Have a look at multicar/multipolicy insurance but this isn't always cheaper. 

    Use the MSE car insurance comparison tool.

    Apart from that there isn't really alot you can do 
    FTB - April 2020 
  • fatbelly
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  • Just changed to a 69 Clio 1.0 and was quoted between 7-10k... somethings not right??
  • DullGreyGuy
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    You are looking at the classic new driver cars which all have bad claims histories because so many new drivers have them and crash. 

    You're much better at looking at something a teenager wouldn't want to be seen dead in or you just wouldn't think as a first car.
  • misterbarlow
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    We have tried that tried all sorts, tried about a dozen different cars..

    Only just noticed on all the comparison sites they are throwing up only a few quotes 5 or 6 all at crazy prices 4k, 6k, etc, and at the bottom cos we hadn't scrolled past the 10k quotes, it says "we were unable to get quotes from the following companies", and there are like 130-150+ logos, so basically everyone else are just refusing cover...
    Why would that be? I know 17 just passed are high risk but several of her friends passed recently at 17 and got cars and are paying 1000-1500...  
  • Lorian
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    Try a vauxhall viva 1.0 or a picanto or i10 and admiral insurance maybe. 
  • Flugelhorn
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    Lorian said:
    Try a vauxhall viva 1.0 or a picanto or i10 and admiral insurance maybe. 
    we got v good rates with a Viva 1.0 for a new driver (over 25 though) - approx£500 
  • Mr.Generous
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    Try an estate car. At those prices I'd say driving is not viable, because even if you afford £5k, when she has her first bump it'll go up!!
  • Try a four door, four seater.

    Insurance chap told me a few years ago this was the best' combo for my new driver daughter. Five seater = too many teenagers in the car; Three door = back seat passengers can't get out in a crash and die.

    We ended up with a 12 year old FIAT Panda added to our existing wife and I family policy for about (memory is going mind) £1200.
  • Try Tesco Blackbox insurance. I had the same £3-6k quotes using all the usual comparison suspects. Tesco was under £2k. This was just last week. 17 year old male who had just passed his test that day. Fiesta 1.25. Not a particularly insurance friendly first car. 
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