Has anyone managed to open the 5.22% Metro Bank easy access? "..something is not quite right'

I've been trying for a week now. I had to submit my passport photo and selfie 10 times before it was correctly recognised. I then received an email with subject "We’d love to offer you an account MB:xxxxxxxxxx"

We're very happy to offer you a Metro Bank account. You can open your account now, simply accept our offer.

But the link just takes me to their instant access saving account landing page.

The first day after my application, I clicked the button "continue application"; clicking on that I could start over from the acceptance of the 3 or 4 documents that you have to read and accept, but after clicking "continue" it would throw an error. "looks like something is not quite right; Sorry about this. Try again in a few minutes and if it's still not working, get in touch"

I called them the same day and they said I had to wait to receive an email containing my account details, but I still haven't received it.



  • If it's any help, I had exactly the same problem attempting to open a 1 year Fixed saver at 5.91%.

    By the sound of it, went through the same process as you by telephone attempting to understand the mystery of following the "accept our offer" link only to be taken to the landing page. Telephone assistance polite but useless.

    Eventually solved the mystery by muddling through myself and going through the application process from scratch and eventually linking in to the previously completed application which I followed through to conclusion and an account was opened almost instantly.

    I'm afraid I cannot provide detailed instructions to replicate exactly what I did as it was all a bit of a muddle. Having got there in the end, I'm now in some ways reluctant to make the full investment I planned in view of the recently publicised narratives of Metro bank financial difficulties. Shareholder vote today.

    You might also like to take a look at Trustpilot reviews which describe exactly the same difficulties.
  • Opened my yesterday, money transferred and showing, no problems, other than the interest rate showing as 5.1%, not 5.22%. . 
  • I opened a one-year fixed rate one 5.8%, I got an email saying they need to do more checks and they will get back to me. That was 10 days ago! Still no news from them!
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    I had the same problem, try a different browser
  • I've opened mine but not put any money in yet - I usually have problems with ID as mine never seems to match (weight up and down like a yoyo, hair long/short, beard/clean shaven).......but mine was ok.
  • I received this e-mail on the 30/11

    Welcome to Metro Bank and thank you for joining the revolution!

    We’d like to confirm that your Online Instant Access Savings has been successfully opened. We believe that due to a system issue, you may have received an error message at the end of your online application rather than the confirmation details for your new account.

    We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused. If you’ve already been in touch with us and have accessed your account, you can ignore this email. In the meantime, you may continue to receive automated emails reminding you to complete your application or that say your application has expired – you can ignore these.

    Your account is open

    Your new Instant Access Savings Account is open and waiting for you. We’ve applied our Limited Edition Rate of 5.10% gross/5.22% AER* (variable) with effect from 30 November 2023. This Limited Edition rate will last up to 12 months from this date, subject to terms and conditions. To find out all the key information for your account, please visit our Instant Access Savings webpage.

    We’ll be sending you all of your account documentation in a Welcome email as soon as possible, so please look out for this as it’ll contain your account terms and conditions. If you’d like to access the terms and conditions sooner, please click on the link above. You can also view our Data Privacy notice to find out all the details you need to know about how we use your personal information and your privacy rights. These documents are also available for you in store.

    Your account details

    You’ll need your new account number and sort code so that you can pay money into your account and start benefiting from this rate. To get these details safely and securely you’ll need to log into our Online Banking service – to do this you’ll need your Customer Number and Magic Word.

    Your Customer Number: xxxxxx

    Your Magic Word: For your security you’ll get this in the post in the next 7 working days.

    Setting up Online Banking

    Once you have your Magic Word please visit metrobankonline.co.uk and click on ‘Log in’ and then ‘Register for online banking’. Simply follow the instructions on screen to complete the Online Banking set‑up to allow you to access your new account.

    I still haven't received the Magic Word and yesterday (05/12) I received the following

    It's been over 15 days since we approved your application for an Instant Access Savings account. As you didn't finish setting up your account in this time, we've now removed your details for your security.

    You can still get a new Instant Access Savings account, you'll just need to fill in your details again.
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    I'm waiting for some sort of code or something to turn up in the post before I can log on. Originally applied for it about three weeks ago 
    I consider myself to be a male feminist. Is that allowed?
  • I had the the 'somethings not quite right' message and decided to give them a ring as my attempts to complete the application process myself were getting me nowhere. You could tell the CS person wasn't clued up up but with a little patience from both of us I think we got there. They are sending me the magic word in the post.

  • I gave up trying to get any passport or driving licences to photograph.  Tried on two devices but either the photo quality was too bad or the process would hang.  Why they won't let you upload a photo or scan previously taken? Wasted an hour.
  • surreysaver
    surreysaver Posts: 3,967
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    I still haven't had my magic word. Been over a month since I first tried to apply, so I'm not holding my breath.
    I consider myself to be a male feminist. Is that allowed?
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