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Help! Have I brought a problem property?

Hi all,

Brought our dream home 2 weeks and absolutely love the place. Had a survey done which didn't report any major issues (slight bit of repointing to do at the rear) no signs of subsidence etc.

However.. we've just started to notice a few cracks here and there along where the ceiling meets the walls, one in the front room (see photo) and a few in the kitchen. Can't be sure if they were there when we moved in but it's causing my ocd levels to go through the roof and I keep thinking I'm noticing lots of other problems.

We do have some 'bouncy' floor panels (laminate) in the kitchen and certain panels will dip slightly under weight (not sure if this is just poor installation) 

Really concerned that these could lead to major problems further down the line or am I being to ott?

Any advice on who to speak to or should I just monitor for now and see if things get worse?

Thanks in advance.



  • Don’t worry. They are likely to be  just normal cracks from the house moving a tiny bit with all the random weather from the last couple of years. You could monitor them and if the open up lots then worry about them. You can get crack paint and paint over them. I wouldn’t fill them with filler because that often makes it look worse. You might try a bit of decorators caulk between the walls and ceiling which is normally used for joints in houses. Make sure you smooth it when you put it on because you normally can’t sand it. You can look it up on YouTube. One tip if you use a gun with the caulk is to click off the pressure each time you stop so it doesn’t keep flowing. 

    We have absolutely loads of cracks like this. And some bigger ones especially around the joins between our walls and ceilings. 
  • Thanks for your response.

    What about the flooring being slightly bouncy?

    I feel like I'm seeing all the signs of a major issue but I don't know if I'm almost 'wanting' to find problems now if that makes sense.

    If there were major issues would they be likely covered by home/building insurance?

    Sorry to sound silly but my main concern is were going to face major problems in the future and not have the funds to rectify them.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Cracks where the ceiling meets the walls - possibly just been filled by previous owner and drying out. Not an issue tbf.
    bouncy floors - has there been work on pipes that required the floor to be taking up? If so, might just be where it’s been put back down.
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  • Not sure whether work was done. There's a relatively new kitchen fitted so not sure, there anyway I can find out? We didn't have any contact with the sellers just estate agents.

  • markin
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    Wood shrinks and expands, the photo looks like a wood door frame or skirting to me, 
  • markin said:
    Wood shrinks and expands, the photo looks like a wood door frame or skirting to me, 
    The photo is of our front room ceiling.
  • We've got plenty of them. We've had them filled a couple of times but they just come back. Once they et to a certain point they don't seem to get any worse though. We've just learned to live with them and after a while you don't even notice.
  • markin
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    So its the coving, The entire ceiling is nailed to wooden joists or rafters.
  • This is normal. House house is brick and we have a lot in my 20 year old house where the wall meats the ceiling. 
    The bouncing floors could just be where the floor has come away from the wall slightly. It isn't serious but will annoying as it will creak.
  • Thanks for all your comments guys, so in your opinions there seems like nothing major to worry about?

    Been stressing out so much as like mentioned before we love the house but just started to notice things that made us doubt whether we made the right decision.

    With the issues mentioned is there anything we should watch out for that may lead us to think there are bigger things going on?


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