Evian and tethered caps on plastic bottles

You might not be seeing them yet, if you buy shrink-wrapped 6 x 500ml packs of Evian, but tethered plastic bottle caps have appeared on bottles in 24 x 500ml boxes.

I find them irritating and emailed Evian.

From July 2024, the European Union will require all plastic bottles under 3 litres, to have tethered caps. 

So this post is a heads up for what's coming. It won't apply to drinks bottles in plastic, outside of the EU but many mineral waters will have tethered caps.


  • Katiehound
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    Which means that if the bottled is recycled then the cap will be also. Will also stop plastic caps being dropped in the street, park etc.

    This is the house of tap water- unless I want fizz to go with hm elderflower cordial, then it's a big bottled of cheapest Aldi sparkling.....

    I suspect this is connected to the Deposit Return Scheme.
    In Eire this comes into force in February 24:
    "From 1 February, 2024, when you buy a drink featuring the Re-turn logo, you will be charged a small deposit in addition to the price of the drink. The drinks containers included in the Scheme are PET plastic bottles and aluminium and steel cans between 150mls and 3 litres."
    Lots of EU countries already run the scheme.
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    Tethered caps are on all sorts of bottles already. 
    The cap still comes off easy enough on the ones I've come across.  So it won't stop the tops being discarded separately.

    The fact the cap swivels round under gravity into a stream of liquid being poured into a glass is the biggest pita for me and necessitates the cap removal.
  • Brie
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    Personally I like the tethered caps as it means a certain person in this household doesn't drop (& leave) the caps on the floor.  
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  • oldernonethewiser
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    Been noticing them for while on all sorts of bottles. 
    Coca Cola have been doing it for a year and a half.

    Not sure many companies will bother with specific UK bottles with unattached caps.

    Things that are differerent: draw & drawer, brought & bought, loose & lose, dose & does, payed & paid

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    In a cost of living crisis and with people struggling I find it somewhat amusing that different bottle caps on water is an issue. 

    A lot of households can’t afford potatoes let alone 6 bottles of ‘posh’ water. (still find Evian spelt backwards funny)

    It’s also a great idea as more caps will be recycled and less littered if they are tethered. 
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  • Lorian
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    They do lead to more space being used In recycling bins as there seems to be a tendancy now to screw them back on and disposing of a non compacted bottle of air in my experience. 
  • Lorian
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    I also find white tops on milk bottles interesting. Cant tell which milk is which so easily.
  • GingerTim
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    I just look at the label.
  • Lorian
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    I cannot see the labels without pulling the bottles out of the door either....
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