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    Nespresso Vertuo will do everything from a single espresso to a carafe. 
    Can only buy the pods online though. 
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    Nespresso Vertuo will do everything from a single espresso to a carafe. 
    Can only buy the pods online though. 
    I was about to common this also - surpised it wasn't mentioned early.

    Nespresso designed the Vertuo range of machines and pods specifically to produce larger coffee drinks (some may say to cater to the US audience that prefers bigger drinks, and drinks black coffee more often, while others may say they produced it just so they could get IP on them and run a monopoly).

    I have had a few coffee machines, and the Vertuo machine is different from traditional espresso machines, in the sense it uses centrifugal force (rotation at high speed) to extract the coffee, instead of pressure. This means the coffee produced is more similar to drip coffee than espresso. Personally I prefer the taste of traditional espresso.

    But as said above, you can get pods that dispense a single espresso (40ml), double espresso (80ml), gran lungo (150ml), mug (230ml) or a carafe (535ml).

    The biggest downsaid as RedFraggle also said, is that, in line with my earlier comment, Nespresso has IP on these for around a decade, meaning you can only buy these pods direct from their website or from same approved agents in the US. As you can expect, they are quite expensive - say around 75p a pod on average (but remember, they dispense more coffee so make sure you compare apples with apples). Their offers are also famously rubbish so don't bank on getting them for much less than this (think buy 200 pods (about £150), get a free pack of straws). It's not a good fit for a money saving site where most might preach coffee grounds and a cafetiere.

    Personally, I use my espresso machine more as I prefer the flavour, but I prefer small coffee drinks.

    To give an idea of coffee size:

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    I use a Nespresso Vertuo. Due to the patents, your tied to Nespresso pods but the coffee is probably the best I've had from a pod machine. The mug size pods work out around 60 each but if you sign up to a subscription, they regularly have offers. You can buy refillable pods but I've not tried them.

    They do pods raging from single espresso all the way up to travel mug size.
  • I've had this Beko model for 4 years and it makes cups of decent black coffee 400ml on the large espresso setting. I'ts a bit of pain to live with so I'm not sure if I want to recommend it, you need to keep it clean and use it in a certain way of else it will block up and make terrible coffee 
  • madlyn said:
    I have recently bought a Dolce Gusto POD coffee machine.
    The pods I have tried have all been very nice, but I never get more than just over half a normal cup of coffee.
    Is there a coffee machine out there that gives a full cup of coffee?
    You can adjust the amount of water that is used in the settings of many machines but be careful pushing too much water through a pod or portion of coffee as it can spoil the taste.

    I use my bean to cup machine to make a double espresso then top up with boiling water from the kettle.
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