Universal credit nightmare

Has anyone else had their claim completely messed up? I was on tax credits, finally had to move over to universal credit, I filled everything in on time and correctly. 

I got my statement last Wednesday, saying I was due nothing, zero, zilch. I am a single mother, 1 child, I earn £800 a month. Since then I have been calling and calling, speaking to people who all say something different. They claimed my child wasn't on the claim. She was. The payment was supposed to go in today. Somebody their end had to confirm the change ... I am told their deadline to do this is 6pm today. I am majorly panicking as I have £29 in my account and my mortgage comes out tomorrow. If I have fallen through the cracks, I am in big trouble. I have had no response to any of my many journal entries, I feel like I'm being ignored.

Does this happen a lot? I asked to speak to my case manager but was told that wasn't possible. 

So stressful. Thanks for reading.


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    What does it say on your statement, in particular under Transitional Payment, but all of it would be helpful to understand what is going on?
  • The statement says i am entitled to the standard allowance of 368ish, they took off about 488ish because of my earnings, so I get nothing. So my daughter was obviously missed off, and was added last Wednesday, I have been waiting for them to action it since then. So their mistake, when I went back through it all, my daughter was there, they had me delete her and re-add her, so she was definitely on there already. I don't see a transitional amount part.

    Thank you.
  • This doesn't help your financial situation but make sure to save copies of the original UC statements.  If/when they recalculate your award they'll overwrite the original statements and you won't have access to them.
  • Thank you, I have just taken a screenshot of it all.

    I'm really at a loss of what to do, very stressful and upsetting.
  • Alice_Holt
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    Perhaps involve your MP and ask them to intervene with UC and get the appropriate TP added to your claim.
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  • DWP seem to be pressing ahead with managed migration notices at an accelerated rate now. I suspect they're swamped and it's leading to errors and mistakes. So many people on here are saying their journal entries are being ignored (especially when they request a MR)

    They are able to make advance payments to help claimants in their first month, so you could ask for that as a short term help. But you obviously also need them to correct their mistake and backdate it so you don't lose a month's worth of your claim. It's highly likely that they will try and blame you for not giving them the correct information, so make sure to keep those screen shots safe. Wouldn't surprise me if their request for you to remove and re add your daughter will confuse them about her being on there from the start, it may even be a tactic to cover up their mistake.

    You should have a child element in addition to the standard allowance (#315 if born before 6th April 2017, #269.58 if born after). And your work allowance for a parent responsible for children should be #631 per month, which will also be missing if they've missed your child off. Both of those two combined will make a large difference to your entitlement.

    (sorry my pound sign key is broken and only printing # symbol!)
  • Thank you for that. Yes I thought the same, me being told to delete and re-add her may be them covering up. The fact that they told me to delete her in the first place, is surely an admission that she WAS on it.

    I am saddened (but slightly relieved if honest) to hear that others are reporting similar. This isn't the time for me to be delving into politics, but yes, that does make sense. Unfortunately.

    Thanks again.
  • MrsL2004. I also received statements showing zero.  As advised on here I put a note on my journal querying this and asking for my transitional protection calculation.  Took them about a week to respond, with me chasing.  However I got a response from them to say there was a delay in receiving info from HMRC but they now had this.  My statements now show the correct amount and they’ve told me I should receive arrears payment tomorrow.  I got my last TC payment at beginning of September.

    hope it is the same for you and you’re sorted soon.
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    MrsL2003. I have a thread on here because they have totally messed up my managed migration and I have asked many times for a Mandatory Reconsideration but keep being stonewalled. It is soul destroying. Keep fighting and print/download everything! Take care and good luck and dont forget food banks -school can give you a referral if you need it.  Auti
  • Wow what a mess. I'm sorry so many people are going through this.

    The 6pm deadline came and went with nothing. I was fobbed off all day with 'well they have til 6pm'. So what happens now? 

    My bank account will be overdrawn in the morning. I don't even have an overdraft set up, as i have never been in the position to need one. Going to take a lot of nytol to get any sleep tonight.

    So stressful.
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