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    Andrea15 said:
    It does have a metal strip, but I am not sure if/how it works. 
    It is supposed to curve (the two metals expand at a different rate), which should lift one edge of the base off the stove.

    Do you have a thermometer on the stove? If you are over-firing it, even the bi-metal strip may not be enough to prevent the cell overheating.
  • Andrea15
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    I do have the thermometer, but I am hardly overfiring it as I am not getting that much heat in any case 😂
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    Have you tried a Stirling engine powered fan ? - Quite a bit more expensive, but they do have a number of other models.

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  • £125?!?!
    My fan is fine. I just use my rechargeable batteries.
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    edited 24 November 2023 at 1:42AM
    lohr500 said:
    Andrea15 said:
    I find the "self powered" fans totally useless, or at least the "self" bit, reason why I have it now battery operated. 
    Our five or six year old cheapo Aldi self powered fan is still going strong. 
    What was useless about the model/s you tried?
    A common problem is over heating them and burning out the thermocouple = thermoelectric generator

    The is no battery!
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    Not sure if other designs are similar but the Aldi one has a metallic (bimetallic ?) strip on the bottom which raises the flat base of the fan off the stove top if it gets too hot. I guess this is to prevent the thermocouple getting too hot.
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    Think my solution would have more benefits than a recoheat in recovering flue heat & much cheaper too. the missus uses also the rail to dry socks etc.
    Still use the Caframo & after 13yrs still does an ok job of getting warm air into the room, if we need to spread the heat around more we have 2x ceiling fans downstairs plus 4x16" dc stand fans to move heat where we want it around the house.

  • I boil water too :smiley:
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