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Broadband before completion

Hi, we are in the process of purchasing a new house. The house is empty, the owner was an elderly lady that passed away and the family members who are selling the property live far away.

My husband needs broadband as soon as we move in due to working from home. Would it be acceptable to set up broadband in preparation for completion? 


  • sammyjammy
    sammyjammy Posts: 7,298
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    Can you set it up after you've exchanged and that will be done in time?  If not you could get a dongle that he can use instead or tether from a mobile.
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  • Yes that's what I'm asking. Is it acceptable to set up broadband before completion? 

    The current owners are away on holiday and there is a broadband deal that I want to take advantage of, but wanted to find out if its acceptable to set up before completion?.
  • user1977
    user1977 Posts: 13,336
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    Have you exchanged contracts? If not then you could be starting an account before you have occupancy of the property (or might even never buy it).
  • RAS
    RAS Posts: 32,461
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    Are you saying that the supplier will need access to the building before you complete? Only the vendors can tell you if that is acceptable to them.

    Presumably you've known there would be an issue since you started house hunting? It would have been useful to have raised this with the vendors, via you solicitor, early in the process.

    Ask your solicitor to speak to theirs and maybe their solicitor can get in touch? Otherwise organise a dongle.
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  • Just use mobile broadband from a hotspot on your 'phone until you've moved in or have vendor's agreement. 

    Simple, flexible over dates 

     The whole purchase may fall apart or be significantly delayed.
  • prowla
    prowla Posts: 13,098
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    I'm not sure if the BB providers will connect without proof of address, but what happens if the deal falls through?
  • Billxx
    Billxx Posts: 206
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    I wouldn't.  Given the appalling record of some of the providers in respect of their contract administration and support levels.  It could turn into a nightmare if the house purchase didn't go through.

    Kind Regards,

  • Just use mobile broadband from a hotspot on your 'phone until you've moved in or have vendor's agreement. 
    This was what we did last time we moved, it worked really well (both of us working from home at the time).
  • Get a dongle and an unlimited SIM. You can really easily run your house on this.
    If you want to go crazy get a 5G router and permanently run the house on 5G. I do this as we are quite rural and get speeds 4x faster than wired connections.
  • Herzlos
    Herzlos Posts: 14,618
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    Does it already have broadband and you're just getting it enabled? If so, then there's no reason you couldn't get it set to start the day before you move in.

    If it's going to need someone to run wires or dig up the property, then you'd need to get the seller to agree to give them access and then hope that (a) the installation works and (b) you don't pull out after you've entered the broadband contract. Since the owners live far away you'd be relying on the estate agent being available for the broadband installers?

    A mobile dongle or working from somewhere else for a few days may be the safer option though.
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