Flash floor cleaning powder - substitute?


I used to like cleaning floors with a powder like Flash. When shops stopped stocking that, I used to use handwashing powder like Daz. That has become hard to find and quite expensive.

It seems now that all I can find is liquid to go with some expensive 'Speed Mop'  or 'Power Mop' system.

Any recommendations for Money Saving alternative?


  • Glad
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    Dishwasher powder? I can't say how much exactly but I get mine from Sainsburys
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  • Floss
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    Try Flash Liquid:

    ( 5ltr Pack ) Flash Professional All Purpose Liquid Cleaner Lemon 5L https://amzn.eu/d/aGSkSgg
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  • weenancyinAmerica
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    I don't know if it would work for you, but I clean my floors with just water and a little vinegar - and a normal mop. You don't need anything special usually. 
  • YorksLass
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    In the past I've cleaned the vinyl floor tiles in my kitchen with a tablespoon of sugar soap dissolved in a mop bucket of hot water (gets rid of all the grease) and a few drops of washing up liquid.  But, as per @weenancyinAmerica's suggestion, a little white vinegar works just as well.  Rinse with clean hot water with a drop or two of Zoflora disinfectant added.
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  • goldfinches
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    I use this stuff which lasts a long time, even if you clean your floors more frequently than I do!

    Sainsburys All Purpose Cleaner Citrus 1L

    Sainsbury's All Purpose Cleaner, Citrus 1L | Sainsbury's (sainsburys.co.uk)


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  • sheilavw
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    pink stuff miracle floor cleaner is very good. I paid about £1.80 at Home Bargains for a bottle
  • kittieviolet
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    I have vinyl flooring. I mix 200ml of white vinegar with 50ml of washing up liquid. From that I take 30ml and put it in hot water and then mop. I took it from Nancy Birtwhistles book. 
  • hildasmuriel
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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have white vinegar and Zoflora already so will probably try that first..... and then try all the rest because I can't resist trying something new.  :D
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