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  • cerebus
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    I do love people who are quick to blame other people for a situation  that developed that they knew about and never did anything about it.

    Why are they getting tetchy about property maintenance , it's got nothing to do with them  they rent therefore it's the owners/ property managers responsibility to keep it in good order , that should be there first point of call.

    Makes me wonder if they are even allowed pets as part of their tenancy agreement , quite a few landlords don't allow them

    Just be civil to them , they won't be there long and hopefully the next tenants won't be such dicks

    As for them "suing" you, my favourite saying is "good luck with that"
  • Thanks all, my concern is what to do if (in the unlikely event) that they or the agent do indeed send something through legally about this.
  • twopenny
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    Problemsinessex, they can't do anything legally.
    They are pushing your buttons knowing it will worry you.

    You are legally in the right.
    You have a boundary. As said before, you don't need even a fence. A piece of wire can be a boundary.

    viral kindness .....kindness is contageous pass it on

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  • Soot2006
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    My neighbour is "responsible" for the boundary but when we moved in it was full of gaps. My dogs could easily escape, so I bought a few rolls of mesh fencing and pinned it across the gaps. In my case, the neighbour gave permission for me to pin it to her existing fence posts which was nice and helped us both. Dogs stay on my side, cost about £35 + some pins. Done
  • ThisIsWeird
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    Thanks all, my concern is what to do if (in the unlikely event) that they or the agent do indeed send something through legally about this.
    Do you have any way to evidence the communication or conversation you have had with your neighbour? If you can demonstrate that the neighbour is aware of the gap in the fence, and what is on the other side, then it should be water-tight.
    I understand there 'may' be possibilities of a person being held liable if, say, then know there's a gap in a fence, they know there are hazards in that corner on their side, but did nothing to warn others or mitigate the risk. Especially if all that person did was to shield off the hazards from their own side.
    Eg, say you dumped broken glass sheets in a corner of your garden where you were aware the fence was in poor condition, and then just screened it from your side, and a neighbour's dog (or child) broke through and hurt themselves, I would be quite concerned about possible action.
    So, I'd make sure there's nothing that could be called an unreasonable hazard (a dump of glass, wire, rusty sheets.. ) and also make sure you can demonstrate you did inform the other side's owners of the poor fence.
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