Toilet seats

I am going to have to replace my current toilet seat, which has done long service but now has a crack in it!

When looking for a replacement seat (I'd like wood, probably oak or dark pine type), what sort of things do I need to bear in mind?

The current seat projects quite a long way forward (probably to do with how it was fitted at the bolts), so that you don't get a clear shot at the water when sitting down to erm, do business!

Are there particular measurements I need to consider? Or are they pretty much all of a muchness?

Any particular brands to avoid?

Thanks in advance.


  • Brie
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    Take some paper and draw a outline of the outer and inner part of the porcelain.  That way you have a blueprint to compare to ones in the DIY shops.  

    check to see if the pads under the seat will actually fit on the porcelain.   Nothing worse than a seat that shifts under you lurching you to one side a crucial moment.  And it's why so many seat bolts end up breaking.  

    and for what it's worth get the ones that drop slowly - saves banging them down in the middle of the night waking the rest of the house.
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    I'd echo the soft closing type. They cost a bit more but well worth it IMO. 
  • Yorkie1
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    Thanks - would never have thought of a template!

    Are seats adjustable at the hinges, to make them fit the porcelain?
  • twopenny
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    Not really.
    I bought new hinges from a hardware shop.
    Measured and kept those on me as i searched (always have a tape measure in my bag)

    For wood check/look closely. Many are just printed on. These day laminated strips seem the deal. That's ok.

    Hinges and pads can be moved but will leave screw holes. Can be filled or form a rel good job and strip varnish so it doesn't show.

    Not having anyone in the house I prefer the ones I can just put down when finished. The slow closure I find annoying. If my other half was still here it would be slow close.

    I still have the solid one piece of wood one my grandfather bought. It's mahogany! So real class  :)

    Tip: if you ever change hinges photograph the lid and seat before seperating them. Nightmare trying to work it out later.....

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    I can think of a very funny response to the OP.
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  • grumbler
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    For me it's plastic and only plastic.
    When my old seat cracked and I couldn't find a replacement I needed, I installed a wooden, oak, one. I've done my best to cover it with extra layers of vanish and to seal all screws and joints with the hinges.  Despite all my efforts dark stains spread around the hinges.
    Finally, I found a plastic seat that I wanted and was happy to get rid of the woden one.
    My choice - good plastic seat perfectly matching shape of the toilet. Soft close. Quick release for taking it out for washing it and the toilet around the hinges.
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    I can think of a very funny response to the OP.
    But I am going to keep quite.
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    Last one I had to replace, the proper plumbing shop told me there was no such thing as a bog standard seat, so I should bring measurements.

    To be fair, I do know some pedestals are longer and more pointed at the front than mine. A bog standard seat can be used, but you can see it's not quite right.

    I took my measurements to Dunelm where there was plenty of choice and I'm very happy. 
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    Yorkie, any chance of a photo of the toilet&pan? Does it have a manufacturer's name on it, or possibly inside the cistern?
    Some seats - typically the 'solid' traditional styles with exposed chrome hinges that have separate hinge arms to the seat and lid - are very adjustable. Others are likely to have some limited adjustments. Still others are very model-specific.
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