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    Imposing a heat pump on my wife and young son through my own selfish desire to not burn gas has been a bit of a concern to me.

    Although I was confident it would work I can't honestly say that it hasn't bothered me that something might go wrong.

    So far it works and we are warm so I am relieved but it adds a level of stress when thinking of others that wouldn't be there if I lived alone.
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    Also on my planning noise issue.

    We have had a few visitors in the last couple of days.

    They all commented on how nice and warm it was in the house, 22c inside and 4c outside.

    Despite walking within three meters of the heat pump none of them noticed it was running!

    It's really quiet, there was no way our neighbours would ever hear it.

    I went to work just after 5am this morning and had to walk up to it and put my hand in front of the fan to check it was running as I had scheduled it to come on at 5am.

  • I replaced an oil boiler with a heat pump and new radiators.  We follow the same heating schedule as before (which includes using the feature on the controller that turns the heating on early to reach the correct temperature at the set time).  I haven't really noticed a difference but my wife thinks the heat pump provides a nicer gentler heat.
  • Well not that comparisons can be made but having a massive underfloor concrete slab to heat for the first time always takes a bit of juice but you can't beat that floor warm feeling.

    Pure weather compensation set thermostats set to 30oC to just let it do what it wants. House has not dropped below 18oC in the vaulted areas and the average is 20.5oC and I have been as mean as possible on the custom compensation curve.

    Saturday 15kwh used weather high 10 low 1
    Sunday 14kwh used weather high 12 low 2
    Monday 13.5ksh used weather high 12 low 8

    I have no idea what our cop is as our system does not show that but seems cheap for a total cost on tracker for our region of £7.45

    It will stay on now ticking away til the weather breaks next year.
  • matt_drummer
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    I have data for Sunday.

    I was only the second day of use so I was still experimenting.

    The figures include heating the hot water tank and are for the full 24 hours.

    Outside temperature was an average of 6.3c with a low of 2.78c and a high of 11.82c

    Inside temperature averaged 20.46c with a low of 18.7c and a high of 22.9c

    The heat pump used 15.30 kWh of electricity and generated 44.00 kWh of heat.

    The COP was 2.88 for the day

    We imported 4.241 kWh at a cost of £0.72

    The rest of the electricity use of the house and the heat pump came from the sun.

    My COP yesterday was 2.71 but so far today it is at 3.92

    My openenergy monitoring system is really helping me to get it dialed in quickly.

    The house is really warm, warmer than I had it with gas but using this much electricity is fine so I am just going to carry on.

  • Warmer overnight will help the cop you will probably see over 4 on your new system this week.

    It's all fun but I do feel I am the only one in the household that understands how this is all working. If I were to add solar and battery I would have to put together an easy to follow system with PowerPoint presentation.
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    My gas heating went on tonight.
    If we get a warm spell it might go off again :)
    N. Hampshire, he/him. Octopus Go elec & Tracker gas / Shell BB / Lyca mobi. Ripple Kirk Hill member.
    2.72kWp PV facing SSW installed Jan 2012. 11 x 247w panels, 3.6kw inverter. 30MWh generated, long-term average 2.6 Os.
    Taking a break, hope to be back eventually.
    Ofgem cap table, Ofgem cap explainer. Economy 7 cap explainer. Gas vs E7 vs peak elec heating costs.
  • QrizB said:
    My gas heating went on tonight.
    If we get a warm spell it might go off again :)
    Get back to the main energy forum you with your fantastic gas stories lol

    This is for the mad scientists and their ASHP experiments. Muahahahahahaha

  • Quick update weather has been fairly stable lows of 4 highs of 17 and everything in between. Averaging 70kwh a week with the ASHP since then on and averaging 18p kWh with tracker so thats £12.78 a week for a toasty 20-21oC house.
  • Sitting strong at 10kwh a day for heating at the very lowest possible weather compensation curve we can set. So far up to 18th November weather forecasts seem relatively stable 11oC highs and nothing much lower.than 5oC
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