Virgin SIM to O2 Migration change of rules?


I have been waiting for my Virgin SIMs to move to O2 since I was first notified earlier this year.  I had 2 and the first one was moved in July with loads of issues now happily resolved.

About 2 weeks ago I received an email about the 2nd SIM telling me that all SIMs would be moved by the end of November - and if mine could not be moved, VM would simply cancel my service with no move to O2.

This is signifcantly different to a few months ago when there was a lot of published information that no customers would lose out / unlimited minutes / unlimited or double current data.

I now find myself wondering if they wil simply shut off my SIM at the end of November, washing their hands of the "promises" earlier in the year.

If this has already been raised then apologies - but can VM / O2 do this without any meaningful consultation or meeting their original published material?

If anyone is in the same boat and hasn't been notified then be aware.



  • Hi,

    Have you got anywhere with this? I have the same issue. Was told I would be moved to O2, but then received a text on the move day to say it was unsuccessful. Since then I've received a letter to say that if the move is not successful by mid November, my number will be lost, this seems insane, how can they do this?

    I have a feeling they no longer want to honour the dirt cheap deal I have via Virgin Mobile.
  • Just had a very similar problem; I was due to port yesterday.  They didn't send me any confirmation texts but when I called up today they told me "it had failed".  Really? They port people all the time; I was going to be ported on a very good rolling 30day contract; so despite the fact they've been telling me for months that it'll just happen and I'll be pleased they seem to be filtering out the less profitably contracts and only keeping the better paying ones.  I wouldn't mind that if they'd been honest, but it seems they're pulling a fast one and selectively not porting people.  Customer care were ever so keen to sign me up to a new 12 month contract with o2....just not porting my current one as advertised all this time.
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    May I jump in and ask what the process is here, trying to help a relative who has the O2 sim and has called them apparently and has until November 8th to get pac. Do you request a pac code from virgin to port to the new o2 sim? They’ve asked me to swap the sim over but I suspect that may leave them without service. They’ve also said they have emails. Just wondering what the process actually is since O2 appear to be the initiating the request to move, are they leaving it to customers to request pac codes?

    edit they are a virgin customer and were told they needed to move to O2.
  • From what I've gleaned; Virgin should do an 'automatic transfer' to o2 from Virgin; apparently my transfer on the 17th failed (for reasons unknown yet by technical who are looking into it...and may happen in the coming days).  If you call up after a failed transfer / or to enquire they seem to be doing a 'manual transfer' where they sign you up to a new 12month contract and post you an o2 sim card.  I'm surprised the PAC code is not raised simultaneously and emailed/texted to you (the virgin customer) to pass to o2 to port the number. If you don't have one I presume Virgin would issue this on the phone for you to pass to o2 yourself; or you can test PAC to 65075 to raise one instantly (it explains more on if you do a search)
  • We've had 3 devices - 2 phones and an iPad - all migrate successfully to O2 from Virgin, all were on very cheap monthly rolling contracts.  So I don't think it's the less profitable ones that aren't being migrated.
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    I'm having similar issues. Had all the letters and should be swapping at some stage on a rolling 30 day deal, with rolled over data to an O2 double data. Now, when I had to phone about an issue with my signal, they are telling me it might fail and that I should take a manual switch onto a 12 month contract, costing me more per month. When I refused, she hung up on me!
  • I don't know whether they were on commission or what was going on; but I kept on at them asking for a definitive reason why it couldn't happen as 'unknown' wasn't good enough given how they move customer all the time.  Suddenly with no contact it happened overnight....not sure we'll ever know for sure.  But it was either lack of comms internally, incompetence or commission from what I experienced.
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