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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we return to the restaurant to pay after being evacuated from it?



  • honestcove
    honestcove Forumite Posts: 67
    10 Posts First Anniversary
    You feel guilty, that guilt is not going to go away with any amount of reasoning, you need to take action. Call them, ask them what you owe. If, as others suggest, the restaurant is unlikely to ask for money now, then you will have achieved the ideal solution - guilt free at no monetary cost: nirvana!
  • Nit_arm_J
    Nit_arm_J Forumite Posts: 6
    Seventh Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    Put yourself in their shoes. Business is bad enough and waiters do depend on their boss for a job. By not paying anything puts business and jobs under strain. It also depends on what is your level of social conscience. If it’s low, don’t go back and count it as ‘getting away with it.’ If any higher than low, would you asking in the first place?
  • Vectis
    Vectis Forumite Posts: 554
    Tenth Anniversary 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    Why wouldn't you pay for what you ate or drank?

    You're actually asking if it's alright to walk off and not pay for a meal?

    I thought this site was about money-saving, not theft.

    There's a world of difference between cutting your costs, getting freebies etc and walking away without even offering to pay.

    Ok, there was a fire alarm, so what? What other excuses would you use for not paying? I assume if there was any sort of distraction whilst having your meal you'd use it as an excuse to walk away without paying?
  • debtfreenow555
    debtfreenow555 Forumite Posts: 2
    First Post
    I would have still paid, but left a not so good review, poor service for what i am paying for in my opinion, especially not finishing my meal that I paid for
  • HIA
    HIA Forumite Posts: 65
    Fifth Anniversary 10 Posts Name Dropper
    This happened to four of us when eating dinner in a city hotel, not only were we evacuated into the car park but so was the wedding reception taking place in the ballroom.  Never paid and have always felt a bit guilty.
  • swiftsarelush
    swiftsarelush Forumite Posts: 2
    First Post
    I don't even understand how this is a dilemma.  Why wouldn't you pay your bill?
  • MrsUpset
    MrsUpset Forumite Posts: 1
    First Post
    I would never live with my conscience if I didn't offer to pay something.
  • Rosa_Damascena
    Rosa_Damascena Forumite Posts: 5,582
    1,000 Posts Third Anniversary Homepage Hero Name Dropper
    Similar happened to me in Nottingham, a good 15 years ago.

    The evacuation was down to a fire alarm and the priority was of course the decant. We waited around for a bit thinking that we would be invited back in (most alarms being precautionary) but were instead told that this was unknown quantity and to enjoy our day. Our drinks had arrived but not the food, so it didn't have quite the same moral dimension as this dilemma. 
    No man is worth crawling on this earth.

    So much to read, so little time.
  • Buttercup7251
    Buttercup7251 Forumite Posts: 2
    First Post
    The decision you make is entirely up to you.  I know if I didn’t go back to pay for what I’d had it would weigh heavily on my mind. That’s just me I’d be interested to know what you decided.
  • CHRISTy7
    CHRISTy7 Forumite Posts: 3
    First Post
    Definitely return and pay.  This is their living. Worse case scenario payback will hit you ion the worse possible manner .
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