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Money Moral Dilemma: Should we return to the restaurant to pay after being evacuated from it?



  • Brigantia4444
    Brigantia4444 Forumite Posts: 27
    Seventh Anniversary 10 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    I think you should have a serious word with your husband about his lack of moral compass. 
    Plus, I dread to think what he's teaching your kids about responsibility and being a good citizen in this world!
  • Epsomdtc
    Epsomdtc Forumite Posts: 5
    Fifth Anniversary Photogenic First Post
    The fact that you are asking the question means your conscience is bothering you. 
    Getting something for nothing can be very appealing, but for the sake of the cost of a meal your conscience will be clear, and you can go about your day at peace.
    And who knows, maybe teach your husband a lesson in humanity.
    Here's hoping your next restaurant experience is less adventurous! 
    "There is no softer pillow, than a good conscience".
  • ginger_chocolate
    ginger_chocolate Forumite Posts: 284
    Sixth Anniversary 100 Posts
    I'd probably go back and pay but I'd kind of expect a discount voucher for a future visit tbh.
  • rwgray
    rwgray Forumite Posts: 554
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    I'd email them and ask "How much do we owe you?" and hope for a sensible answer. 
  • louisajoyce
    louisajoyce Forumite Posts: 16
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    Your husband.  
  • captainwobble
    captainwobble Forumite Posts: 2
    First Post
    You didn't finish your meal and the ambiance was affected through no fault of yours.  Definitely not.
  • Ef79
    Ef79 Forumite Posts: 30
    10 Posts
    I definitely wouldn't go back and pay, when I worked in a restaurant we had a fire alarm and people had to leave in the middle of their meals. They were not asked, or expected to pay. You didn't finish your meal!
  • frugalmacdugal
    frugalmacdugal Forumite Posts: 9,774
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    edited 13 September at 5:00PM
    did your husband maybe ''accidentally'' nudge the fire alarm glass on way back from toilet, when near end of meal, having already eaten the good stuff?
    Edit: for all those folks that say they wouldn't pay, would you have the neck to go back again for a meal?
    Y'all take care now.
  • Deelight
    Deelight Forumite Posts: 3
    Fourth Anniversary First Post
    I actually can’t believe this is even a dilemma! 
    Oh course you should pay the bill! They are following h&s procedures for the good of their customers safety! If the food wasn’t up to scratch that’s a completely different conversation to have! Your husband is happy to essentially be a thief??? 
  • primrose_penguin
    primrose_penguin Forumite Posts: 92
    Fifth Anniversary 10 Posts
    This is obviously bothering you or you would not have asked the question. I think you are right, I would go back to the restaurant and offer to pay part of the bill for what you ate and drank, they may turn round and say it is not necessary because of the inconvenience caused, but you will feel better, as I also would. After all if you had paid in advance and had to leave in the middle of your food I am sure your husband would want to go back for a part refund - it works both ways.
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