And now we go again...

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Forumite diary title taken from the line I had already added in to my signature! 

Regulars will already recognise me - I've been here a while, although aside from one fairly short stint always on the DFW boards. A quick summary of our MSE history for those who have not stumbled across me before though - started out with a loan, and accompanying inevitable overdraft, got ourselves a workable budget and then attacked the loan, clearing that in 13 months rather than the 30 it was originally taken out for. Once that was gone we turned our attention to our mortgage - never massively large, but once we had bitten the MSE bullet we very much wanted it gone! that got cleared in 13 years rather than the more standard 25...more details on all of the above can of course be found in a slew of former diaries. Those diaries have all pretty much ended up on DFW in spite of not having had any conventional debt for somewhere approaching 15 years now, mainly because that is where the majority of my MSE Pals used to hang out, and as a result so did I. Now though and with also "knowing" so many lovely folk over on MFW, it feels like the right time to set up home in a new corner of these wonderful forums, if you will have me of course! (I know, but it's only polite to ask, no?!)

Now - 6 years after clearing that original mortgage, we've taken on a new one along with the purchase of a ludicrously bigger-than-needed-for-two-people house! The mortgage is actually slightly larger than the original, although at £115,000 not large by most folk's standards I would cheerfully agree. It is already shorter than most though - having done some careful sums we decided to pitch it at a 16 year term, and were fortunate to nab a 5 year fix at 4.03%, which also happens to allow unlimited overpayments...isn't that just a perfect thing for a MFW? (This is also ironically enough our lowest ever mortgage interest rate - which will no doubt come as a bit of a surprise to many!)

So we are now moved in to our lovely new house - and we love it every bit as much as we did the moment we walked in through the door when we viewed (and that was a LOT!). For the first time in our married lives we have a garden which is a huge treat. Right now the novelty of "going upstairs" is also strong - having spend the previous 20 years living in a ground floor flat! Pretty sure that one will wear off soon enough mind you! And now, before even having made our first actual mortgage payment we are of course already turning our attention to the overpayments... 

Next post will have plotting and planning and targets and goals...and as is my way I will also nab the third post "just in case"
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