Flight cancellation but the travel agent only informed me 10 days before

I need help please. Below is my email to the travel agent MyTrip who are not responding to my emails or complaint. My flight with Virgin Atlantic was cancelled 7 months before MyTrip informed me. I want compensation but the airline wasn't at fault. What can I do? 

The booking was made 07/11/22 and I was due to fly 05/07/23.

On June 25th (11 days before the flight), MyTrip emailed me to inform me a flight had been cancelled by the airline. I called MyTrip and we agreed an alternative flight. A few days later this was "rejected by the airline". On June 30th I cancelled the booking and requested a refund. 

I booked alternative flights with another airline which cost me £441 more than with Virgin and meant arriving to a different airport in the UK as it was the only option which worked for my travel dates. 

On August 3rd I received the refund from MyTrip. 

In my screenshots you will find evidence of Virgin Atlantic confirming my booking was changed multiple times and notifications were sent to MyTrip on 13th December 2022, 24th December 2022, 26th February 2023 and 22nd April 2023. And another screenshot from MyTrip confirming I was informed of the changes on June 25th 2023. 

Because of MyTrips decision NOT to notify me of the changes until 11 days before the flight I hold them accountable and therefore liable for compensation. I was forced to cancel the booking after MyTrip failed to secure me alternative flights twice before July 5th - I gave them two chances at rebooking the flights. I therefore rebooked a new flight myself which cost me $3047NZD because of the last minute booking and because of internal flights to and from Auckland airport. 
My original booking with MyTrip cost me $2107. 

I am also claiming for a refund of MyTrips "service change" as there was no service received. I can see on my credit card statement I paid £1119GBP /$2107NZD for my booking, however on August 3rd 2023 they refunded me only £983 / $2066NZD, I assume because of "credit card fees". I don't feel this is acceptable and would like the difference refunded also.

I am claiming for compensation of £136 refund for fees AND £441 for the difference I had to pay to make a last minute booking because MyTrip failed to notify me, which according to them and Virgin, could have happened in December, 7 months before the flight.


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    myTrip have a poor reputation for customer service.
    Whether booking with a third party or direct with the airline it is important to check your booking regularly on the airline website particularly when booking so far in advance. Schedules tend to change twice a year (summer and winter timetables) 
    I suspect your claim will result in mytrip pointing you to section 3.4 of their t&cs "We have no control over airline’s schedule changes and accept no responsibility for costs that may arise as a result of such changes."
    although they clearly failed in "
    Your agreement with the applicable airline may allow them to cancel or amend your bookings. We will notify You of any changes once We are informed of them by the airline."
    Have you tried your travel insurance? (may not help and you may ultimately just have to eat the loss and know what to do next time...book direct with airline and check booking regularly)
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    The problem clearly lies with myTrip and I completely sympathise with your situation. However there unfortunately are no laws or regulations which apply to travel agents in this respect (such as EC261 with airlines).  As a company based in the US I'm not sure it would be easy to attempt to reclaim via legal action so you'll be relying on any goodwill gesture they want to make.

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