Haggling with Sky regarding tv/broadband contract

Fossil45 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
Renewed my Sky tv/broadband contract just the other day. After ringing customer services and getting no joy, I was put through to (I’m guessing) customer retention’s. Sky had put my bill up to £140 starting in September, previously it was £103. The person I spoke to was extremely helpful and got my bill down to £96 which included Netflix which I didn’t have before. So I’m more than pleased with that. So thanks to MSE and all the advice on haggling.
One more thing to add and to let everybody know. Prior to calling Sky I did some comparisons with other providers, one being Virgin Media. I put my post code in and correct house number. 2hrs later a rep from Virgin is at my door!. He told me he could beat Sky by £34 a month. That’s £60 a month with no set up fees. I told him I wasn’t interested, he was very persistent in my opinion. He said I’ll send you all the information via email, so gave him an email address plus phone number. Then he asked for my bank sort code and account number!. He didn’t seem impressed when I said NO. Well we can’t take money out of your account and I need it to complete the form so I can email the information to you. I must have said NO half a dozen times. At that point he gave me his card and said sleep on it and give me a call. You can cancel your Sky with in the cooling off period and take my offer, call me. On that note he left. Absolutely am I NOT calling Virgin Media. He was very polite but pushy in my opinion. Vulnerable people my succumb to pressure like that and give up bank details which is absolutely not necessary. Not good. In future when I do comparison’s on different sites I won’t be putting my address in!. So watch out next time your doing a comparison check on line, you may get a knock at the door!…


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    I've never heard of them visiting you when you've put your postcode and house number in.   I have a feeling that they are not allowed to do that without you expressly giving your consent.

    Saying that, whenever I get any salesman coming round I just tell them that I rent and all bills including broadband are included in my rent.     That literally gets rid of every salesman that's visited.

    The only one I spoke to was from TalkTalk trying to sell me a 1GB down and up package in 2015.   I just kept fobbing him off and he came back about 5 times before I signed up.   6 months free and £19.99 a month that I was pretty pleased with, haha.
  • brewerdave
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    Used to happen quite a lot - TalkTalk were just about the worst HOWEVER haven't had a pushy broadband or utility salesperson in at least the last 6 years. I thought this sort of behaviour had been outlawed?
  • JSmithy45AD
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    I've seen others claim this about VM, I'd guess it's the people who hang out in supermarket doorways trying to force leaflets on you who must get passed details from enquiries.
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