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How to move with parents as neighbours

Partner and I are looking to buy our first home. My parents are looking at selling and potentially downsizing too. 

We would love to be able to buy neighbouring properties, or at the very least, be very nearby one another (neighbouring properties is highly desirable!).

I understand new builds will probably be our best opportunity to achieve this. But are there any other ways to find/search for such properties (other than new builds)? And is there anyone who would be worth speaking to that may be able to help with this?

Also, is this completely impractical; we are not part of a chain whereas parents would need to see in order to buy next property


  • Flugelhorn
    Flugelhorn Forumite Posts: 4,934
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    I would have thought that it would be best for one couple to find the place they want and then the other to find somewhere nearby, very tricky to do both purchases at the same time (unless new build) - if you found somewhere then you could be looking out for places for your parents or vice versa
  • hazyjo
    hazyjo Forumite Posts: 15,437
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    Why new builds? Because you think there will be an estate and you can live near? I would just do it traditionally:

    - Your parents will need a buyer for their property
    - Choose which area/s you want to live in
    - Check rightmove and other sites (and set alerts)
    - View properties
    - Offer
    - Buy

    You don't all need to move on the same day. If it takes one couple 6 months longer than the other to buy, it won't really matter will it?

    If you don't need to be next door, and the area doesn't have just 10 houses in or something, then I can't see it would be too tricky.
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  • DE_612183
    DE_612183 Forumite Posts: 1,374
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    If you can find a new build site - this is probably your best route - a builder may also give a discount for two sales connected.
  • ThisIsWeird
    ThisIsWeird Forumite Posts: 2,917
    1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    The chances of you being able to do this without it being a new build must be very remote - surely your best guaranteed bet? The builder will love you!
    But by all means shortlist and drive around some of your favourite areas, and clock how many very close 'for sale' signs there are - very possibly more than one on many streets. Certainly around here.
    But for being immediate neighbours, there's surely only one solution?
  • TBagpuss
    TBagpuss Forumite Posts: 11,174
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    Even with  new build, you need to consider whether the properties will meet both of your needs - for instance, size of the property, capacity to extend if needed in future, gardens and parking etc.

    I agree that it is not necessary for both of you to move at the sam e time - it could be that if you and your partner find somewhere suitable, you buy and that you parents then aim to move once they can find a house which ticks all their boxes, in the same area. 

    Of course, if you do see a property you like, there's nothing to stop you asking the sellers if they know whether any neighbours are thinking of moving, and you so sometimes see several neighboring properties available - it's always as well to check if there is a good reason for that, such as a problem neighbour, pending planning permission for something disruptive, or anything of that kind, but if you look t slightly older estates you may find that there are (for instance) several families who have outgrown their starter home at around the same time, so there can be benign reasons for there being multiple properties on the ,market at the same time. 
    It's also a situation where actually talking to local agents rather than just looking on line may be worth while - they tend to talk to each other and to have a good idea of what other agents have on their books, so if they know you are looking for 2 properties, they may be able to help. 

    (depending on what sized properties you are each looking for, the other possibility may be where someone has hived off a section of garden to  build a new property- often they are retaining either the old r the new but there are situations where both might be available) 
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  • Herzlos
    Herzlos Forumite Posts: 14,367
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    From experience, you don't want to live right next to your parents or you'll (however well intentioned) you aren't going to get much privacy. On the same estate or same town is probably enough - you could still be within walking distance but out of earshot. I turned down a fixer-upper next to my parents, because that would have been a nightmare.

    Your only options are getting adjoining properties are:
    1. New build where you can pick the plots. If you are early enough you've got more choice over plots so they don't necessarily have to be the same model.
    2. Buy a bigger house and split it.
    3. Buy a house with land (or just land) and build.
    4. Find a landlord selling 2 adjacent properties.

    For 3 and 4, if your parents are downsizing, they'll have the capital to build and presumably some ability to afford to stay somewhere else for a while - be it a caravan, a rental, or a long holiday.

    It gets much simpler if you can settle for the same town, as unless it's a tiny village it's almost certain something else will come up. Even if it's a big enough estate - builds from the last 10-20 years here virtually always have one of them for sale, so you'd buy the first one you like, and then they wait and buy the first one they like.
  • gwynlas
    gwynlas Forumite Posts: 1,402
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    If multi generational living suits you then your ideal would be adjoining plots on a new build. However I think that you should be cautious as at different stages of life both households will have differing needs, as a growing family you might wish to expand and your parents future proof for old age.Screaming children and noisy teenagers might also not suit neighbours even doting grandparents. The lack of privacy as already been mentionned. I find that once one house is listed for sale other neighbours have a better idea of what their property might be worth so also list
  • housebuyer143
    housebuyer143 Forumite Posts: 2,598
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    I know someone who bought joining semi to their sister and they joined the back gardens and then built annexe for mum. It's really nice in my opinion but it's all down to luck unless you get a new build. 

    Just have to look on Rightmove and see if you can find two houses next to each other for sale at the same time.
  • thegreenone
    thegreenone Forumite Posts: 868
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    edited 23 August at 3:44PM
    Think very, very carefully.   Whilst it may be lovely (what does your partner think and where are their parents) and you may need their help with children in years to come, which will be good but don't forget things will change.  Do you have siblings that could help when your parents get older and you want to go away?  Will your partner want to be picking your Mum or Dad off the floor or toilet in later years?

    @housebuyer143 That could get very complicated when someone needs to sell.
  • propertyrental
    propertyrental Forumite Posts: 1,663
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    surely Rightmove will list most properties for sale in an area you both like? Then you look t the listings and it's not hard to identify if 2 are close to eac other, or at least in the same road.

    ps I'm close to completing so be quick as my neighbour is about to go on the market!
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