I want to sell my CD's

Got around 360 unwanted CD's. Which is the best way to sell them?



  • I know of eBay, Discogs, Carboot and magpie but none pays much and the effort required don't match the prices. Any better ideas?

  • tightauldgit
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    Nope. I'm just going through my physical media  collection now and deciding what if any I want to keep and what I can get rid of. 

    Ebay will probably pay most if you have anything good/collectable but for general stuff prices hardly justify the postage. 

    Between the scan and send companies you'll get pennies either way. In my experience.

    1. Ziffit will pay the most (30-50p) per disc but accept very little and their scanner is really bad to the point of almost unusable
    2. Webuybooks pay about 10-15p and generally accept a reasonable amount and very occasionally will surprise me by offering over a £1 for something
    3. Musicmagpie accept the most of anyone but literally pay pennies - I've been offered 1p 3p 7p on a lot of stuff so it's really only a minor step up from binning them. 

    You can try doing joblots and bundles on facebook failing that a charity shop might take them off your hand or head to the local recycling centre with them. 
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    Unless you have any Limited/Deluxe Edition type CD's, you probably will get next to nothing for them. Ones with outer slip card sleeves over the jewel case might be worth selling individually, check ebay completed listings for any specific CD's to see if they are selling.

    When I got rid of a load of basic type CD's a while ago, used a spreadsheet to compare the prices from three different traders - Ziffit, Zapper and Music Magpie. Think i ended up doing three seperate sales, one to each, getting the most i could for them, but as Mr Git says, probably pennies. If one does come up with quiote a high price, might be rare, check this also on ebay completed listings ...
  • tightauldgit
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    Yeah I imagine anything that comes up with £1+ on these scan and sell apps is probably worth £5+ in reality - but the other issue with Ebay is you have to find a buyer - might take a while to sell.
  • If Ziffit offer anything it's usually 10% of the items  value, as above they are picky but that does mean if they offer on something it's more likely to be worth selling.

    A lot CDs are over 100g packaged which mean paying £1.85 2nd Class so if they offer 30p it's probably better to take that than sell it for £3-£3.50 and they sometimes have offers for 10 or 15% extra on trade in prices. 

    Anything that ends up being fodder will accepted by most charity shops, even if they don't want to sell it in the shop they should get a few pennies sending them for recycling where they'll either be shredded or sold on again. 

    This time of year probably isn't best for trading in with the likes of 
    Ziffit, less buyers around in the summer so prices on eBay fall, as the early nights start to draw in sales on eBay and such pick up and prices rise, although it may be marginal for trading in for selling yourself it means you can undercut by a small amount with a better chance of a sale.

    If you list on eBay and enter the barcode the mega sellers will typically undercut you, if you enter "Does not apply" into the EAN field I think their automated software ignores such listings for price matching, although whether that affects search ranking or exposure on places like Google, I'm unsure. 
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    Agree with the thing about limited editions, and only then if they’re from a boutique label with a genuinely limited run and are hard to get hold of. 

    Lots of stuff from the main labels is a, ten-a-penny, Ultimate Limited Collector’s Special Deluxe Edition. Marketing nonsense, particularly so when the limited editions sell out, so they produce another batch.

    Impossible to compete on price and postage with the big sellers. If I’ve disc media that’s in good condition and could eventually sell, I often drop them into charity collection banks. Otherwise, unfortunately, the bin beckons.
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    you could keep them for another 30 years and hope they make a comeback in the same way that vinyl is today...
  • @Mozzarty what have you decided now ?
  • My local charity shops struggle to sell CDs at 20p each.
    So as advised unless it's rare it just isn't worth the effort involved in trying to sell them yourself.
    If you go down to the woods today you better not go alone.
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    My local charity shops struggle to sell CDs at 20p each.
    So as advised unless it's rare it just isn't worth the effort involved in trying to sell them yourself.
    Several of our local charity shops often have notices up saying no CDs, DVDs or books at the moment due to lack of room. 
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