August 2023 Grocery Challenge



  • Pennypincin
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    Thank you.
  • PipneyJane
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    Good morning All.  

    Hope all is well with you.  I’m 7 pages behind, so apologies if I’ve missed anything momentous.

    I’m declaring for August at £102.70/£140.70 leaving £38 to roll into September.

    Although I haven’t posted much this month, I did keep track of my spending.  I won’t bore you with all the shops: 3 at L!dl, 1 at the C0-0p, 2 at Sainsbugs, 1 at MrTs, etc.  Despite this, I’m feeling very disorganised at the moment.

    Spent £3.49 on a 4kg sack of large onions from the local greengrocer, on 9th August, which will last me well into September.  I like that the onions are in a mesh bag, not plastic, so that they don’t sweat, and don’t start sprouting or go mouldy 2 days after I get them home.. One thing I’ve noticed is that any veg that is wrapped in plastic, even if it has “breathing holes”, will go mouldy at the point where you can see sweat collecting when you pick it up at the supermarket.

    See you in September.

    - Pip
    "Be the type of woman that when you get out of bed in the morning, the devil says 'Oh crap. She's up.' " 2023 Fashion on the Ration Challenge 66 coupons, 94 spent:
    • 1 L!dl Christmas Jumper - 5 coupons
    • 1 top for running - 5 coupons
    • 1 long down-filled coat - 14 coupons
    • 1 Royal British Legion Poppy scarf - 2 coupons
    • 1 Australian World Test Championship t-shirt - 4 coupons
    • 7x100g skeins Alpaca-wool blend yarn - 14 coupons
    • Tommy Hilfiger short sleeve knitted top - 5 coupons
    • NASA logo t-shirt - 4 coupons
    • 18 skeins of various 100g Studio Donegal yarns - 36 coupons
    • Leather handbag - 5 coupons
  • mumtoomany
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    A total of £76.45 spent in the last couple of weeks! Total for the year is now £1401.98/£1860. This leaves me with £458.02 for the remainder of the year. At least now the holidays are almost over there will be fewer visitors, and fewer mouths to feed. We had an extra ten people staying earlier in August, on top of the seven normally here. Trying to have a very minimal spend September.

    Hugs to all,
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023.
    Trying to live on only £2640 for the year for most meals for seven people. Now only feeding, mostly, two. New total £1860.
    Spent so far: £1734.36/£1860.
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