How do you save on packaging when posting parcels?

Recycling old packaging, finding deals on multi-buys, using compact wrapping techniques... please let me know how you save money on packaging costs.

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  • pallyman
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    Always recycle packaging when possible & buy xmas wrapping paper after Xmas when its dirt cheap & just wrap with the the plain side on the outside.
  • Spoonie_Turtle
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    Reusing old packaging is my main one.  Not so much for money saving but what else am I going to do with packaging I receive, bin (recycle) it?  What a waste that would be.

    I do know someone who makes and sells some relatively niche products, and uses literally all sorts of packaging like pringles tubes or salvaged bits of corrugated cardboard, absolutely anything that's clean and does the job to save using new materials (except the sticky tape, that does usually have to be new!).
  • zackary71
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    1) Buy boxes in bulk to reduce the cost per unit.
    2) Keep an eye on Auctions, as they sometimes have liquidated boxes stock for a fraction of normal price.
    3) Look for 3 for 2 Tape offers. Wilko is a good one to check.
    4) Keep checking Freecycle, as I've occasionally got bubble wrap and boxes. Much sure you give back though, and Offer as well on the site.

  • FFHillbilly
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    never needed to buy packaging I just re-use all the bubblewrap and cardboard boxes I get, all I buy is tape and generally buy in boxes of 20 rolls so they are cheaper.
    been sending stuff in (old) branded boxes with an address label stuck on with parcel tape for years and never had a problem, a friend once saw my heap of parcels ready to go on Monday and remarked that he didn't think you were allowed to send stuff like that and it had to be in a jiffy bag or wrapped in paper etc to hide all the branding.
    Have a print out of all the options and their maximum weights and dimensions, along with a letter and large letter size guide to make sure you are sing the most efficient service
    subscription boxes that come in the post like graze, simplycook are the perfect size for large letter 
  • the_lunatic_is_in_my_head
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    Place my wife works has lots of lovely boxes that she is allowed to bring home as well as shredded cardboard, packing peanuts, bubblewrap, packing paper. 

    Any business selling fragile things may have an excess of decent void filling material. Although food items from big companies may come in boxes they are intended to split open and be placed on a shelf, small producers shipping to shops, etc are more likely to use regular boxes.

    Millions of useful boxes are no doubt thrown away every week, if you have a local shop, etc near you it's a case of if you don't ask you don't get, worse they can do is say no. 
  • Pollycat
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    I save the boxes my purchases come in.
    Luckily, I have space in my garage to store them.
    Ditto for bubble wrap - I've never bought bubble wrap.

    If I'm posting something fragile, I sometimes use shredded paper. But if I do this, I always put a note on the closed box to warn buyers that it might make a mess when opened.
  • Ineedaservant
    Supermarket fruit usually comes with sheets of bubblewrap to protect it.  I collect it as I shop, but only if it is no longer protecting the produce.

  • Pollycat
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    am with swagbucks who are demanding copy of passport for ID. because of ID theft i wont give it. so they wont redeem my £25. same with e-rewards who will not redeem £20.
    This thread is about saving on packaging when posting parcels.

    I think your comment is about 'online paid surveys'...

    This is the latest thread about 'all thinks swagbucks':
    Swagbucks 2024. - Page 34 — MoneySavingExpert Forum
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