OpenReach stalled fibre order for months, and cut off my connection for weeks! What would you do.

I'll start with quick timeline:-

Feb 2023 - Put in order with Sky broadband for installation early March 2023

March 2023 - Informed by text message the install will be delayed by a week

March 2023 - Informed by text message the install will be delayed by another week

March 2023 - Informed by text message the install will be delayed by another week (I found this was because the telegraph pole being deemed unsafe)

April 2023 - OpenReach cancel my fibre broadband as they assumed fibre was installed

April 2023 - Had to put new copper broadband order in, took 5 weeks to activate! - So no internet for 5 weeks.

April 2023 - My neighbour has fibre installed, on the same 'unsafe' pole but with an order through BT

April 2023 - Informed by text message the install will be delayed by another week so I cancel order and order through BT (received compensation)

May 2023 - Install due early may, text received that day to move appointment by a week

May 2023 - Another neighbour has fibre installed on the same pole (both put orders in after me)

May 2023 - text received that day to move appointment by 3 weeks

June 2023 - Text received to move date to July 17th

July 2023 - I called today to confirm this would happen, the BT operator called OpenReach who said the pole work wont happen until mid August at the earliest


So during this I have explained a hundred times that BT and OpenReach need to look at the logic of this. I literally have the number of an OpenReach engineer who will do the job, if they assign him. But Every time I speak to anyone at BT it is like they just jot my notes down and throw them in the bin.

I suppose my question is, the package I signed up to is now much cheaper. But BT have to cancel the order to put me on the lower price which may delay the order so I can't risk that. So once connected, I really just want to move from BT. Am I right in thinking, once OpenReach put the equipment on the new pole. I can cancel within 14 days, and then move provider this point, it would make me sick to pay BT for 2 years after they are just abysmal.

I'm sick of shouting at overseas BT customer services, how can I get someone to care?

The £5 a day compensation is insulting. Although, it will be hefty by the time I actually get it! :-)





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    Your cooling off period is from when the order raised, if you don’t want to use BT , don’t , use whoever you want to provide service , it’s seems you are trying  to game the system by cancelling after the line is installed but  you would forfeit any compensation due if you did that .
    BT don’t use overseas customer service 
  • Thanks, OK I was mistaken then about the CS. They are clearly people who don't understand logic, I thought wrongy it was down to a language barrier.
    I can see it looks a bit like I'm trying to play the system, but actually my first priority is to get an internet connection that allows me to work from home without anxiety of call failures. Currently I get 1Mbbp upload on a good day, a bad day is a quarter of that so presenting in Teams is impossible (which is basically my job).
    Secondly, I am stuck in a deal that is twice as much as BT now offer a faster speed for. But they said the only option is to either cancel and re-order, which obviously is a risk. Or, to trust that once I am connected they will "make everything to my satisfaction for the inconvenience".

    This is funny that I feel I am having to justify my position against the angel/unicorn company that is BT :D

    (and surely the cooling off period isn't from when I joined, bear in mind no monthly payments are being taken as no service has been provided?!)
  • This is why I assumed the CS was outside of the UK.
    I have a transcript of the call, I now understand I guess they probably use a badly written script. But these are some quotes:-

    After running through the months of backstory, whilst I was explaining the lack of logic of OpenReach allowing engineers to install equipment on poles they have deemed dangerous:-

    BT CS - "So you are calling to report a dangerous pole?"


    Me - "No I'm asking why the pole is dangerous if an engineer installed equipment on it and gave me his number to pass to the next engineer so he could talk them through how to install and why there is no danger"


    BT CS - "If there is a dangerous pole I will need to transfer you as I can't report this on my system"

    Next thing.

    Asking about getting on the lower rate that is now advertised, how can I move to that without cancelling the order:-

    BT CS - "OK I can cancel the order now let me log in to that system".

    Me - "Nooooooooo, please do not cancel it"

    BT CS - "For a new order we must cancel the current one"

    Me "OK, I was asking if I can move to a new deal as it is cheaper"

    BT CS - "Yes, let me cancel the order and we can start a new one"

    Me - "Please god,, please do not cancel this order that has taken months and months and is still being delayed"

    BT CS - "So you want to keep the order?"

    Me - "Yes please. Thanks for your time, this has been super helpful, good bye"

    Me - Pours large Whiskey and tries to watch some Only Fools and Horses on a streaming service then remembers my internet only allows it in a buffery, juddery pixelated state that hurts your eyes.


  • After multiple more cancelled appointments, the pole is finally being replaced today.
    But the comedy continues, the pole replacement contractors have pointed out becaused my neighbours lines were installed on the pole that is leaning towards the properties. When the new pole is installed, the fibre lines will be too short to reach their properties.
    So, short term the equipment will be attached to a nearby tree as OpenReach should NEVER have installed on this pole.

    In theory, next week my new equipment gets installed, then at a later date my neighbours equipment gets moved from the tree and to the pole with new lines installed.

    This is a lesson in how to turn a simple job in to the biggest cockup possible. Multiple jobs being done 2 or more times.

    It's nice to at least have some progress, just pleased it wasn't OpenReach who came today as any involvement just moves things 2 steps back every time.
  • What would I do? Probably look for a mobile broadband supplier at least until Openreach sort out their mess
    Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Internet.
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