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I've always thrown my pillows in the washing machine every now and again. I bought some new ones a while ago and it's just occured to me it's about time they had a wash. Looking at the label it says not to wash, but to just sponge clean them with a damp cloth. But that won't kill bacteria and wash out the perspiration, skin cells etc that must accumulate inside a pillow, will it?  :# They are 90% polyester, 10% polyeurethane foam core - is is because of the foam? What might happen if I put them in the wash anyway? I don't actually mind risking damaging them as I kinda feel like chucking them away and getting new ones anyway if I can't give them a proper wash! I don't like waste and I am not particularly a germ phobe or anything (plenty of things in my house will testify to that haha) but to not wash pillows does seem a bit gross to me. Thought it might be worth a try washing them before I go so far as to bin them, but I don't want them to dissolve and damage my machine or something!


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    Stick them in a low or non heat gentle wash if you like. That what I do to the pillows I can wash. I also frequently frebreze and air out when weather permits. Pillowcase do take the worse of the grime and that's what they are supposed to do. Or google memory foam in the wash 
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    If you're inclined to bin them, then a wash can't hurt. Check the seams to make sure you won't end up with a drum full of fluff, and then wash on cold. Get them out on the line when it's sunny- the UV will help clean them too.
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    I wonder how many have died because they did not wash their pillows?  It’s a nice thing to do but certainly not an absolute requirement.  I have protectors then pillow cases and just put pillows outside when it’s a hot sunny day.   If you usually wash your pillows I’d pop them in the washing machine at a low temp and see what happens.
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    Probably not recommended ot wash because the lining will become matted and lumpy during the agitation and spinning. If you're thinking of chucking them, give it a go anyway. I've washed feather pillows with no problems but I have never bothered washing polyester.
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    We have zipped quilted pillow protectors which are washed regularly with the mattress protector - helps to keep the pillows in a good level of plumpness too
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    ISadieO said:
    I've never washed my pillows - it's never even occurred to me to do so.
    I always 'double bag' them with two pillow cases, with the openings alternate ends of the pillows, and change and wash the pillow cases along with the other bedding. 
    I do this and also peg them out on the line while the cases are being washed to air them.

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    Does anyone know of a way to use/dispose of old lumpy pillows that can't be revived?  I can't bear throwing them into landfill, but apart from using the filling (where appropriate) to fill hand made soft toys - which I don't make - I don't know what to do with them? Would a clothes bank be able to accept them, or charity shop?
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