Joint account problems

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I have a joint AC with YBS, Online Issue 12.  Went to open a more recent Issue 13 online for the same existing joint account holders.  It auto-filled my details and then when it asked for the second person's details it was like filling in info for an absolute stranger right from scratch plus adding new passwords etc (no option to say both account holders the same as existing). I stopped at this point before setting the additional account up (I've opened second joint accounts with other institutions and it was a couple of tickboxes reconfirming the joint persons were the same as on the original account). Also had the same problem trying to open a Rainy Day Account. I phoned YBS and they said that this is not a problem, but it is how their online system works and that once the online procedure is completed i.e. completing the second account holder from scratch,  it will take 10 days for the second joint account to be updated and show online properly.  Got to say I really don't want to do this every time a new issue is announced and is better than my existing rate.  .   Has anyone else experienced this with YBS? I kind of assumed it was a glitch.  Although I've got the answer from YBS themselves, when I'd previously run into this problem I phoned YBS who said it was merely a glitch and to try again in a few days.  So contradictory.
Is Leeds BS the same does anyone know?


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    You are not alone.  I have experienced this when trying to open joint accounts.  It is a quirk peculiar to YBS.

    I don't remember having this issue when opening joint accounts with Leeds BS but it's been a while since I opened one with them so don't know for sure.

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    I have never used them myself but they are one of the providers who regularly pop up on the forum.
    Yorkshire Building Society new website nightmare — MoneySavingExpert Forum
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    Thanks dali21 I'll bear that in mind, it's certainly a bit of a turnoff for me especially since the close/open with issue announcements in this rather changeable market may be frequent for a while, pity.
    btw have just opened an additional joint account Issue 47 with Leeds BS and fairly straightforward, appeared on account quickly and pending confirmation next 24 hrs so hopefully that will go ok.
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    I thought I'd post this as it may help others, also to correct something I was told by a YBS CS person noted in the original post.

    I decided to go ahead with opening a second joint account with YBS, their Issue 13, and the online process though a little bit more fiddly than others in doing the same thing, actually was straightforward.  Also - contrary what I was told - the account was setup and available for use the following day.

    Leeds BS - I also did the same and the Leeds was easy to set up an additional account.

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