Eon Next - repeated difficulties signing in

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Hey, its bill payment day and suddenly I can't access my Eon Next account. I've tried accessing the account using both Windows 11 and Android 10 - no joy !

This isn't the first time its happened recently. 

And Eon Next's "Customer Service" department hours of operation for telephone contact  are now Mon- Thurs (9-5) and Fri (9-4), so no chance of getting this issue resolved over the weekend.

God their service is  consistently pants.

Anybody else experiencing difficulties today  with Eon's "Service" (Saturday 24th June 2023) ?


  • spot1034
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    it's been like that for a couple of weeks now, but I find that if you keep trying it will work in the end.

  • victor2
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    I just logged in successfully from my Android 11 phone.

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  • SalveForOldSores
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    It appears that the difficulty in logging-on is restricted, in my case, to anything that is not phone based.
    I just tried to log-on using a cheapo Android phone running Android 9 and the Eon App version 1.6.2, . . no problem.
    Ditto a more recent Android phone running Android 12 and the same Eon App version 1.6.2 . . easy peasy

    Couldn't find the Eon App version 1.6.2  in Play Store on my Lenovo Tablet (Running Android 10) and when I NFC'd a copy of the Eon android application .apk from the Android 12 phone to the Lenovo tablet, it loaded to the desktop but kept on stopping during execution. I might try NFC'ing a copy from the Android 9 phone to see if that makes a difference.

    Meanwhile, trying to access the EonNext account using a browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera) from any Windows or Android device is a no go.

    Being an OAP I prefer to use the Windows Desktop and a browser, guess why . . . bigger display and keyboard.

    Honestly, the time one wastes (Never to get back) with these half-arsed toy-computing systems,  . . . you could have built half-a-dozen new Jerusalems.
  • QrizB
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    I logged in to EON Next from Firefox on my laptop a couple of hours ago. No problems at all.
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  • AndyDragon
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    I have problems on iPhone for few days
    repeated attempts work. I think I saw there is comments in their forums too
  • SalveForOldSores
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    I mis-informed in post above.

    Accessing my  Eon Next account from a browser does work on both my Android phones (Version 9 & 12) if you use the following address in the URL:- 

    eonnext.com/dashboard/accounts/'Your Eon account Number'/dashboard

    So (Susie Dent), Android phones appear to work with both app (Version 1.6.2) and the modified URL address above.

    Oh dear, oh dear, but when I transferred the modified URL for use in Chrome running on Windows 11 Desktop . . same old trouble . . . error message . . ."Could not log you on"

    Discrimination against Windows and tablet users . . or just convenient lack lustre and dozy IT department ?

    Hardly the sort of behaviour to encourage people to embrace and adopt "Smart Meters", . . . for instance.


  • Mister_G
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    I've just logged in OK on my Dell desktop running Windows 10.  No problems at all.
  • SalveForOldSores
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    Of course it could be the "Redmond" effect. Every time I get a Windows 11 update on the desktop it conveniently knocks out the link  used by my scanner/printer for  the on-scanner demand scanning by button . . which I then have to restore manually. So I wouldn't be surprised if other things are affected.

    As this inability to sign-on through desktop browsers has only just occurred, I'l try the laptop, as that hasn't been on-line recently so won't be so up-to-date. Fingers-crossed.
  • ctdctd
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    I use my W11 laptop with Firefox and my Android 12 phone.
    Both have had problems logging in to Eon Next over the past couple of weeks, both get there after 2 or 3 goes.
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  • debitcardmayhem
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    edited 24 June at 6:53PM
    You could delete your browser cookies for eonnext .,
    Edit or try open in new private window
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