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I have just had a letter from Virgin Media regarding a price increse to my contract. My contract is for 18 months, of which only 12 months has been used, 6 months left to run. I had arranged to leave Virgin before this contract, but was persuaded to stay. They offered to lower my bill (£104 a month) to £27 a month for the 18 months. So far so good. However, my monthly bill is set to rise by 33% (!!!) from £27 to £36 a month, for the remainder of this contract. When I phoned and said that you can't increase my bill by 33%, they stated they could because they could apply the increase to the full amnount I would have paid without my discounted contract!! I am awaitinga return call on this, shortly, but would like to know if any other discounted customers have received a similar rise in price, mid-contract?


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    I have literally just had and done the same with Virgin. I have a £30 pcm 18 month contract and I am 14 months into it. They told me it would be going up £7.

    I rang that number, hit "thinking of leaving", it offered me a £3.50 reduction straight away.

    I stuck with it, got through to a woman, who then offered me £5.60. I told her that I still had a contract, that it wasn't what I wanted and that I could get a better speed from Vodafone for the same money, and after a few minutes on hold she credited my account with the £7 per month until August thus wiping the rise out.

    Give them another try, be firm but polite 
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    Same here. Got a £7 increase on my £15 a month contract, just 6 months in. Called today and asked them to cancel. They added some discounts to negate the increase. 
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