BT cold callers at the door - assumed it was a criminal gang

My cul-de-sac in Edinburgh today had 2 young males purporting to be from BT round our doors.  They said "neighbours have complained" about broadband speeds so they are here to test each person's equipment inside our home. (Errr...i'm with Virgin Media....)

They were so rude when challenged, untidy and unprofessional that we all assume they were criminals.  Several of us were independently so concerned that we contacted the police who attended in person to take statements.  

Well lo and behold, BT have confirmed they are legitimate! 

Well frankly that makes me even more annoyed! BT have, this afternoon, upset a lot of people, including elderly people AND wasted the police's time. 

Shame on them. 

We will be applying to become a "no-cold callers" zone. 


  • I would have expected Openreach to check issues not BT. 

    Poor planning by the sound of it. 
    Things that are differerent: draw & drawer, brought & bought, loose & lose, dose & does, payed & paid

  • So they were lying as to their reasons for knocking at your door. 

    Things that are differerent: draw & drawer, brought & bought, loose & lose, dose & does, payed & paid

  • Yep.  And very rude when I challenged them.  Interesting that the presence of my Ring doorbell didn't put them off. 
  • 4justice2
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    Not from someone called "Money Experts"? Wearing logoed jackets? Both myself and my girlfriend had these jokers call at our houses last year. Ploy very similar on both occasions:  neighbours had reported slow internet speeds and they were to check if there were any problems. It's a very underhand sales tactic. Why not just say they're salesmen?  
  • Things like this make me glad to have a no-cold callers sign on the front door.
  • As do i, it means absolutely nothing, it still happens, get cold callers all the time - i point out the sign, and the ones on the street lamp posts - same old line "didn't see it".
  • ciderboy2009
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    This seems to be the only bunch who ignore my No Cold Callers sign each time they come around (about every 6 months) - I usually tell them to go away using a four letter word followed by a three letter word.

    The crazy thing is that I've actually got FTTP broadband from BT!

    I complain to BT every time about them - mainly because they ignore the No Cold Callers sign but BT don't seem to care.
  • It MASSIVELY sounds like a scam "hello, here I am, unannounced, slightly scruffy and rude, wanting to come into your home and check your equipment".  They had English accents (we're in Scotland) so I assume they were from these "Nottingham Knockers" type gangs. 

    I answered the door because I could see the high-vis vests through the peephole and I am robust enough to deal with scammers and cold callers.  

    Yes, several of us have "no cold callers" signs on our doors but to no avail. It's a right pain in the !!!!!! to get yourself declared a "no cold callers zone" these days.  

    What riles me is that BT flog their "call guardian" system which is supposed to protect older people from scam and sales calls.  AND YET they purposefully use cold calling themselves.  So encouraging vulnerable people to sign up to stuff at the door.  I mean talk about hypocrisy! BT should support the police's message of "never sign up to anything at the door". 
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