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Morrisons. Cooked chicken. Food safety

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    Considering you purchased a few chickens you should have taken them straight back. The petrol to do so would only equate to the cost of one of the chickens and you are not likely to get a refund after keeping them for a while in the fridge.
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    Hi, I'm a vegetarian but my daughter, who lives with me, does eat chicken. (As does the little stray cat who comes round here most days - but that's another story!) Anything like the one in your pic would definitely not have been eaten by either of them. Pink chicken meat should never be acceptable, surely?  Everyone knows how improperly cooked chicken can make people ill. And that jelly made me feel quite poorly.

    As you've had no luck with their customer service department, have you tried making an official complaint?

    I'd post a link for you but the content of the link includes irrelevant pop-ups and that is not what you want.

    They say you can complain on this email address though - [email protected] (I'd put 'complaint' in bold in the title).

    Tweet @Morrisons (UK) 

    They say they welcome customers tweeting and contacting them on FB, too. 

    I'd definitely do as Valli advises, above - "another option would be to complain to your local council environmental health dept."  -  Because they have the authority to report such things to the government's Food Standards Authority.

    Last May there was a salmonella scare reported in most newspapers -  i.e. "UK supermarkets recall cooked chicken in salmonella scare" -  and it included Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Aldi and others - so your fears are definitely not unfounded and should be taken very seriously. Morrisons are trying to say pink chicken is fine to eat. It seems that all of us on here agree to disagree with them.
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    Undestand. Petrol. Couldnt Justify cost take chickens back to store.

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    Agree. I feel the same.
    Morrisons seems to say Pinking of chicken meat acceptable and safe.

    Myself not acceptable. Not risk improperly cooked chicken, make us very ill.
    The pictures of chickens make me feel very sick too.

    Customer service department shocking.

    Thankyou. Will consider emailing.Tweet @Morrisons(UK) & FB.

    Yes will explore complaint to the local council environmental health dept/Food Standards Authority.

    Remember last year. UK supermarkets recall cooked chicken, salmonella.

    Also concern where sourced chickens.

    Concern not unfounded, should be taken very seriously.

    Yes. Morrisons are trying to say pink chicken is fine to eat. Agree to disagree with them.
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    PetstalkPetstalk Forumite
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    • Response.
    • Customer Service Department. Morrisons.
    • We cook the chickens to above 85'C, which is significantly above 70'C. 70'C is the temperature at which bacteria is destroyed.

      We take numerous product temperatures throughout the oven on each cook to ensure all the chickens are above 85'C and record the temperatures so we know a really safe cooking temperature has been achieved.

      If product temperature is above 85'C and on rare occasion pinking still occurs, then this is deemed a quality issue (which we cannot prevent due to it being a natural product) rather than a food safety issue.

      All our colleagues are fully trained in the tasks they do as well as enhanced food hygiene training.

      Our processes are routinely audited by both a 2nd party and the local Environmental Health Authority, both of whom are aware of the well documented issue in the industry of pinking in fully cooked chicken.
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    Despite the response from Morrisons I still dont think the colour of the chicken in the second doesnt looks right to me, the first photo does but I still wouldnt eat it.
  • BikingBudBikingBud Forumite
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    Chicken does not appear slimy, given the images all above board and normal according to Mrs BikingBud, my resident EHO.  

    Morrisons Customer Service Department have quoted the appropriate process,

    Morrisons may refund on a quality basis but you seem to be wanting much more.
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