What do you rate your energy supplier out of 10



  • brock_the_badger
    brock_the_badger Forumite Posts: 18
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    Eonnext for electric SLOR 'd from Symbio  5/10 . EDF for gas SLOR'd from Zog  3/10 . Both caused major problems resulting in hours on the phone , email and Twitter to resolve plus various complaints to CEO team . Finally resolved by going variable DD  with both and getting billing cycle tuned to month end readings . 
    Ongoing home improvements requiring boiler and meter resite will probably .result in SM and a move to Octopus 
  • GingerTim
    GingerTim Forumite Posts: 1,670
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    EDF 10/10 - any issues resolved over Twitter DM very quickly, including a switch to variable direct debit which was instant.

    (I'm aware this rating for EDF may put me in a minority - and my view may be affected by having 19 months of a cheap fixed electricity tariff to run!)
  • Spooky_uk
    Spooky_uk Forumite Posts: 98
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    Eon next 1/10, horrendous problems with them from day 1 when moved automatically from eon (with no notice), SMETS1 meter borked, chased them for a year before they agreed to fit a SMETS2, overcharged due to inconsistent meter readings (on a smart meter!) and appalling customer service. Took over 12 months to get my billing reading dates backset to the 1st of the month as when they moved us from Eon the date changed from the 1st to the 10th. Requested to be included in the national grid energy saver programme numerous times but never contacted us. After complaint regarding all the issues got £70 compo but just had too much hassle with them. As soon as some deals start appearing again we are moving away from then. 
  • Alnat1
    Alnat1 Forumite Posts: 2,817
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    Why wait for deals if you're unhappy? You can move to get better service too.
    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Solar PV 5.25kWp SW facing (14 x 375 Longi) Lux 3.6kw hybrid inverter and 4.8kw Pylontech battery storage installed March 22
    Octopus Agile/Fixed Outgoing and Tracker gas
  • ariarnia
    ariarnia Forumite Posts: 4,225
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    tho if your current supplier isnt great you might want to wait until after you see the 1 march goverment credit in your account. one less thing to get messed up during the switch. 
    Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. Anne Lamott

    It's amazing how those with a can-do attitude and willingness to 'pitch in and work' get all the luck, isn't it?

    Please consider buying some pet food and giving it to your local food bank collection or animal charity. Animals aren't to blame for the cost of living crisis.
  • dank_2
    dank_2 Forumite Posts: 97
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    0/10 Shell.

    Abhorrent company. Refuse to resolve my smart meter issue (9+ months), so I need to submit manual readings. In October and November, they refused to believe I used so little gas, so marked my readings as 'invalid' and used estimations instead. Estimations which were ten times higher.

    Impossible to get through to anyone on live chat, their website regularly puts you in a queue to access your own account (yes, a queue!), and people on the phone lack any empathy or ability to do anything. I was only able to resolve the issue by getting my MP involved!

    But wait, there's more!

    They send automated emails on the 28th of every month reminding me to submit my readings, which I do. Except... they then estimate the remaining 2-3 days of the month's usage, which is obviously higher than reality. And then they sometimes take weeks to generate a bill as well.

    Useless company and I wouldn't shed a tear if they left the domestic energy sector.
  • pseudodox
    pseudodox Forumite Posts: 172
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    SSE from 2007 to September 2022 10/10.  Never had any issues, never had to contact CS.  Never had an estimated bill.  Paid quarterly whole bills.  The whole process just quietly happened in the background of my life.

    SSE/OVO September 2022 to November 2022 0/10.  Total refusal from CS to engage in negotiations over unreasonably high level of proposed FDD despite my obvious usage history.  Several sleepless nights & stress resolved by ditching them.

    EDF - migrated to them from November 2022.  To date 10/10.  They kept me updated with emails on the transition, and the same CS agent rang me 3 times exactly when they promised re a slight glitch with the move.  Now on monthly Whole Bill DD.  I provide readings & the bills are always accurate within pennies of my own calculations (differences due to rounding/decimal places).  The bill appears on my account within 48 hours of submitting readings & DD goes out on appointed date.  Seems to be once more quietly happening in the background.  Not having to waste my time with problems, nor do EDF have to spend more time than is just needed to send reading reminders, upload the bills & take payment.  No necessity to review DDs, negotiate refunds, dispute readings etc.  Hopefully as a customer I get 10/10 from them!
  • Mstty
    Mstty Forumite Posts: 4,209
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    Thanks for all the replies there is a clear favourite and then mixed results for other suppliers depending on the need to contact them for help.

    I am just about the mark eon next down to 5/10 from my original post as we just passed a deadline for an ombudsman decision where they were supposed to do three things. They haven't done a single one.
  • armistice
    armistice Forumite Posts: 102
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    Current:  Octopus   10/10

    Previous:  Shell 3/10
                     EDF 5/10

  • vic_sf49
    vic_sf49 Forumite Posts: 468
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    Current - Octopus (since Oct) 10/10.

    - They actually answered the phone when I wanted to switch to them.
    - CS rep answered my questions (double checking SVR rates at that time), started the switch, then made sure I'd received emails before ending the call.
    - My smart meters became smart again at the point of switching.
    - Website and app, that both work, and are nice and clear.
    - Monthly billing.
    - Can request things/help via email. Billing date moved at my request. Switched to the tracker tariff at my request, in a little over 12 hours.
    - Energy saving sessions help.
    - £50 each, for a referral is a nice bonus.

    Previous - British Gas 2/10.

    - 6 months between bills was not ideal.
    - Smart meters were no longer smart, and the excuses went on and on, as to why. Just say you don't know, or you need firmware sorting or something, and I'd be less irritated.
    - Then try to submit a meter reading, and get told "nope, your meters are smart".
    - Eventually submitted them via Messenger of all things.
    - Website was clunky, and app rarely worked, and actually showed no useful information. And thankfully I left before it was migrated onto the new system.
    - My submitted meter readings were added to one page, but not another, and the "in credit by ££xx" , was massively skewed because of it.
     - On a positive note, my £67 was paid fairly quickly, and my final bill was accurate and raised within a few days.

    I got the feeling BG were drowning under complaints about smart meters losing comms, or not sending out the vouchers, and didn't have the capacity to deal with anything else.

    Oof, that went on a bit, sorry about that.
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