Mobile suggestions for an OAP please

Apologies for a probably common request, I have looked at this forum but in such a fast moving technology, I'm know that recommendations have a limited lifespan so I'll ask anyway. If this has all been done elsewhere feel free to point me in the right direction and tut...

My father is 84, wears hearing aids and now thinks he should have a mobile phone. He has no particular mental problems, but he is 84, so he has asked me to help. My Mother is in hospital at the moment so he needs to be contactable at all times. I am extremely techie but have successfully sidestepped the mobile revolution to the extent that the "smart" phone I use has been discontinued for around 5 years. My knowledge of current trends, fads, "must haves" and fluff is totally out of date.

I have put together a list of things that I think might be useful, but any further thoughts are welcome.

Things that I'm looking for (I think):
  • Fast interface. He will not hang around for things to load. 
  • Ease of use for a phone illiterate:
    A clean and simple interface that has, either as standard, or can be successfully modified with a theme, one click contact info and dialling, probably with only half a dozen or so contacts, but needs to be easy to access with slightly arthritic fingers.
  • Not too big: 
    Whilst big screens are great, it needs to be easily pocketable as one of my biggest challenges will be to make sure he takes it with him all the time.
  • Hearing Aid compatible:
    I believe that a lot of phones have a telecoil for using as a hearing loop and I know there are also Bluetooth hearing aids. I think the telecoil would suit him better, but I'd be grateful for anyone with experience with either to chip in.
  • Wireless charging:
    I think he'd benefit from having a pad (or several) he can just throw the phone on and forget about rather than actively having to plug it in. Buying a stand is also an option (as long as it is idiot proof not fiddly)
Things that don't matter:
  • Price is not a high priory (sorry MSE) 
  • Service: both me and my brother are happy with Lebara, coverage is good where Dad is so we will stick with them
  • Branding, trendiness etc
  • Whizzy internet access or anything beyond basic apps: he'll never be doing his banking or paying for stuff with it and the last computer game he played in anger was Chuckie Egg.
Thanks for all and any help


  • tacpot12
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    I would look at the Doro 8100 (SmartPhone). It's hearing aid compatible (with telecoils) and has a simple user interface. It also can also send an alert to you if your Dad presses the Alert button. 
    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
  • @tacpot12 Thanks for the suggestion, I've had a look at that phone and the other smartphones Doro have and they do look very good. I particularly like the alert system (though Dad wouldn't need that yet) I think the thing that makes it a "no" for me is the lack of wireless charging (as far as I can see) as he isn't very good at remembering to plug things in. I appreciate the suggestion though.
  • I know you've said that price is not your main consideration but wireless charging still seems to be standard only on higher end mobiles, and they tend to be on the large side.

    Perhaps the iPhone SE (2020). Can't comment on it's hearing aid support.
  • flaneurs_lobster Thanks for the reply. The iPhone SE looks very promising, I didn't know iPhones came with smaller screens so it is definitely one added to the list. The last iPhone I used (briefly) was a prototype back in 2007, but I had no real impression of it as I didn't have a phone of my own to compare it with and so it didn't stick in my head - as I said above I am/was very techie just not with phones :|   

    FYI I've checked the specs and it does have T4 (telecoil) hearing aid support although having done more general research I'm also thinking of maybe getting him some upgraded hearing aids with Bluetooth and wireless charging - I've seen that you can get multidevice charging pads for this which would fit well with a wireless charging phone. I bought him a new Smart TV last year and I've only just checked the full specs to find it actually supports BT earphones/hearing aids as well which might help stopping him from rattling the walls when he watches it B)

    Everything is a bit up in the air at the moment while I try and narrow things down so I'm grateful for all suggestions of phones to look at even if I ultimately decide against them. 
  • patricia1066
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    The iPhone SE 2022 is in the apple store, so your dad can play around with it, ask for advice on setting it up with his hearing aid if he calls in advance. It's got the same form factor as the 2020, and is likely to be the last with TouchID. Supported until 2027 at least.

    Think about getting a phone that's supported for the next 5 years so he doesn't have to cope with learning another phone in a few years time.

    Feature phones like Doro last forever because they don't have security holes like internet access and "free" gaming apps.
  • Thank you patricia1066 for your input, I've managed to get my hands on a iphone SE to try out and I do think it might well be suitable for him. I think he would enjoy arguing with Siri :p- Actually I am quite impressed by the voice recognition, it does a good job of ironing out some of the complexity of the interface. I haven't sought his opinion yet as I'm still learning it myself atm, but that will be the next step. 
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