Coop bank lost my ISA savings

Opened a cash ISA with Coop Bank
Transferred online  from my online coop savings account eight thousand all my savings on the 17th it showed in the cash ISA as being in account.
When I logged in on the 18th Saturday it was gone no trace zero balance.
Rand 197 the fraud line but they were useless told me to ring on the 19th Monday.  Anyone else had this.


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    Have you checked the transactions to see if there was a deposit and withdrawal?  If there is nothing there at all I would suspect a glitch rather than a fraud.  I also presume you've checked the domain name of the site to make sure it's correct?
  • AmityNeonAmityNeon Forumite
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    On 17 Feb, I transferred money from my Co-op current account to an external account, and this was reflected in the transaction list in Co-op online banking. My external account also received the money instantly. When I logged into Co-op online banking the next day (18 Feb), the transaction list no longer displayed the external transfer and the account balance reflected this, i.e. the money was apparently still in the Co-op account. As of right now, this remains the case.
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