Openreach damage to property while installing fttp

Last month we had Openreach (on behalf of BT) install fibre to the premises (fttp). 
The installer insisted that he had to drill through the outside wall from inside the house when it would have been perfectly possible to drill from outside. Inevitably he didn't manage to drill into a mortar joint and so a bit of brick was damaged. Not a problem he said, we'll send someone out to fix it. 
Of course, they did no such thing. Instead after about a fortnight we got a letter from a legal firm offering £100 in full and final settlement (or words to that effect). After looking at the damage and the ways we might disguise it we agreed. 
All well and good we thought.

Oh but no. In order to pay this (to them) very small amount they require two forms of ID. They already have my bank details. It's not at all clear how they expect this to be  presented to them. Am I supposed to scan my passport or driving licence? The second word of my reply is very likely to be 'off'.


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