Need broadband advice

So I moved into a flat Sept last year, rent off mum

the only big issue is the internet, 

I have access to full fast fibre 40Mbps-60Mbps

I want ultra fast fibre 100Mbps+

Says this on CiteFibre website


Unfortunately it looks like we don't have permission from your landlord to install Full Fibre in your property. Register your interest and we'll be in touch when you can connect your home.

All the house will be done soon, 

will we ever get ultrafast Fibre? If not will have to move where I can get it,

is there anything that can be done or just a waiting game,


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    Talk to the landlord. He/she has to give permission for them to drill holes in their wall. 
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    I wouldn't rely on the info on the website.
    (Assuming Cityfibre)

    Every home in my street has the "no permission from landlord" statement. 
    There is no landlord at my property so that's just not true.
    Fibre installed in the street 18 months ago.

    Checked a friend's address, about a mile away.
    "We haven't planned your area at the moment"
    Fibre was installed in that street last October.

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    Just out of interest, what can you do with 100mbps that you can't do with 60?
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