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Hi folks, my mother has recently (after what seems like it took forever to sort!) had a number of shares in Commonwealth Bank of Australia transferred into her name, that used to belong to my deceased father. The shares are managed by Link Market Services, but it appears as though it won't let us sell the shares via their online portal as we don't have an Australian registered bank account to transfer the proceeds to.

I'm guessing the only way to sell them is through a broker, but what would be the simplest and cheapest way of doing this? She has no desire to have any further share dealing account, she literally just wants to get rid of them and never have to worry about shares again! I'm assuming there are stockbrokers that would offer a single stock transaction service? Will they vary much in terms of fees, or are there any that would be recommended as being the easiest to deal with in this situation? It's been a long drawn out process to get this far with it, so ease is very much her number one criteria! 


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