Switching to Virgin Media Social Tariff Nightmare

I'm a long standing Broadband only customer with Virgin and recently applied and was accepted for the Essential Broadband Plus Social Tariff package priced at £20 per month. However it's become a nightmare that Virgin don't, won't or can't sort out.

My new contract seems to be a mix of 2 packages (Broadband Essential Plus and M-50 Fibre Broadband). The contract mimimum period is 1 month at a price of £28 per month and recently informed it will be increasing to £35 from April.

I've complained via the complaints service who haven't acknowledged the actual problem with the package, just my complaint regarding the incompetence of the human I eventually got through to.

I also brought it up on their discussion forum where a member of the Admin team has tried to sort it out for me and promised that I will instead be given a rolling discount so that I will only pay the £20 per month but they are not able to provide me with a new contract or confirmation of what has been said which I feel he may not have the authority or legal rights to do so or is a roundabout way of trying to shut me up in the hopes I'll give up and accept the package.

I don't know whether I should wait for 'deadlock' or wait the 8 weeks before contacting the ombudsman. Changing to another provider isn't an option either, there are no other fibre providers in our area and I really need the reliability of fibre.

Anyone any ideas? I've spent days trying to resolve this but still not getting anywhere.
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