Returning to Lebara from Lycamobile can I get the blagged deal again

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Has anyone got experience of repeatedly switching between the 2 companies every 6 months to avail the blagged deals? It looks like it will work if you just use a different e-mail address each time. I've currently got my mobile with Lyca and my daughter's is with Lebara but it's in my name. I was thinking of switching hers to Lyca and returning mine to Lebara


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    No need to use a different email with Lebara - I have ported out and back twice with the same email address and able to get the special deals for new customers.  New customer means new sim - so by porting out and back in you are a new customer by that definition
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    True, although if you still have an active account I don't think you can set up a second sim with the same email address and qualify for the offer. I think you have to have stopped being a lebara customer, if only for a brief time.
    So they may not let you sign up for the discounted deal if that email address is linked to a currently active sim.
  • howler1978howler1978 Forumite
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    When I clicked through from the deal page on MSE it didn't like me entering the same e-mail, I worked around it by signing up as instead of, but otherwise I'd have just used a completely different e-mail. I got my new sim today and have started the port in of my old number, so it looks like it works fine to keep switching between Lyca and Lebara
  • savergrantsavergrant Forumite
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    Hopefully after 6 months they will have forgotten your email address and you can use it again next time.
  • oldagetraveller1oldagetraveller1 Forumite
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    I'm not sure about the 6 months.
    I've had a Lebara s.i.m. numerous times now to take advantage of their "deals".
    I've just ordered another s.i.m. to use a USwitch "exclusive" and non of the previous e-mails used to set up an account have been accepted.
    A message to the effect of this e-mail has been previously used crops up.I had to us a different e-mail which means I'm rapidly running out of them until having to set up yet another gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.for any future occasions!
  • flaneurs_lobsterflaneurs_lobster Forumite
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    Try adding dots anywhere in your gmail account name, [email protected] is the same as [email protected] but it might be accepted by Lyca as a different account name.

    Similar is adding +xxx to the address, so [email protected] is the same as

    Depends how picky/clever the Lyca system is.
  • dc_scotlanddc_scotland Forumite
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    They may not be quite as good as elsewhere but the plans on this page, including uSwitch Exclusive, can be used by existing Lebara customers, avoiding that need to switch to/from Lyca.  The existing Lebara sim is updated with the new plan:

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