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hi all, not clear on energy at the moment but after some advice please.

i moved into my one bed new build house in 2021
i am disabled and on higher rate pip and universal credit due to mobility issues (due to the above they have told me i am not entitled to the warm front payment of £150 this year)

i do not work and it is a housing trust house which has an air source pump

so i know that bills have sored etc but my bill for an all electric one bed house per week are coming in at over £30 a week, i was away for two weeks and even though everything was turned off except the fridge, my bills were still in excess of £15 each week when there was no one even here. i am with eon next and my tariff is ;
Next Flex
38.79 p/kWh 44.58 p/day

(All rates inc. VAT)

i pay on receipt of the bill and last months was over £140. i know i could save more if i do direct debit but i am wondering if there are better tariffs out there that anyone knows of? maybe there are discounts for disabled people through the government i dont know, i have never been turned down for the warm front payment before until the government decided to do it themselves this year and it has really hit me hard. i no longer work due to far too many issues to go into but is of no fault of my own. i am not lazy so please please dont say hateful things. before all this i held down four jobs. i am just no longer fit to. thank you all for any help and sorry for the long post. i have been looking at octopus energy and they look like the best to me, i dont really have a time where i do more or less but i am mostly housebound. thank you once again.


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    Nearly £3 will be standing charge that leaves roughly 5kwh a day

    So yes it's heavy on baseload unless you have an American fridge freezer maybe an older model.

    List what things you left on and check when your hot water is heating.
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    Even if you don't use any, if left on your hot water will use 1-2 kWh per day just to keep it hot.  Also, in cold weather, your heat pump may run an antifreeze function unless it's completely powered off. It won't use much but it can add up. 

    Your overall usage is quite low.  Are you keeping yourself warm enough in the cold weather?

  • i have just been on the phone to an engineer that ran me through some things and did a diagnostic report and said that my system was running to much water and has been set up wrong. apparently it should run at a flow rate of 12 and its set to 17 and has run as high as 18 in the two years i have been here he said that for a one bed house that, that was ridiculous and its definatly why my bills have been so high. he has set me an email with the report and said i need to send it to them and get them to send out an engineer straight away or i will keep get silly sized bills, he said that would be ok for a three bed house but its only a 5w system and the antifreeze hasn't been disabled either and has sent instructions for them to do that to if the levels are right which they should be as the house was only built in 2021. he also said i should try and get them to pay compensation to help pay for the bills i shouldnt have received due to their installation. though being in a social housing im not sure how i do that so i guess thats the next thing to look into after they sort they system and i can finally relax. thank you for your replies i appreciate it.
  • im wearing a lot of layers to keep warm thank you for asking
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