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We flew back from florida to Manchester airport then were told we were going to London because of snow in Manchester  waited 2 hours on plane to be told it's past the crew time to work so we have to get of and get buses back to Manchester 2 hours later buses arrived then arrived back Manchester at 5pm after landing in London at 830am then we traveled back to Glasgow was along day with a 4 year old Cani claim from insurance or airline thank you all in advance 


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    No compensation is due for delays caused by snow which is outside of airlines control . 

    Did the airline provide meals / vouchers for meals at the London airport or on route to Manchester ? 

    If meals or vouchers for meals were not provided for this delayed part of the journey then you are entitled to claim reasonable expenses for meals that you had - you will need to submit receipts- you will be claiming these as expenses not compensation. 
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    If Manchester airport was closed because of snow then that's likely to be considered extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline's control, thereby denying any liability for compensation.
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    Claim what? 

    Weather isnt the fault of the airline and doesnt sound as if you had any financial loss?

    Some travel insurance offer a non-indemnity Delay cover, if not covered by EU regs etc, but it is relatively token... looking at Tescos policy they pay £20 to £50 per complete 24 hours delayed depending on which level of policy you bought. Some offer it for a shorter timescale of delay 
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    Just as a note, this isn't an "airport change" it's a "diverted flight".  Was it this morning by any chance? Manchester had a lot of snow and did close for a couple of hours so everybody had to go elsewhere.

    Sounds like a nightmare journey and a very long day.  But the weather isn't anybody's fault.  Good advice received above... there'll be no compensation due from the airline, potentially refreshments can be reclaimed.  Depending on your travel insurance policy you might be able to reclaim something.
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    Thank you everyone who commented and your advice very much appreciated thanks again 
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