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Connected by wifi calling, can only receive SMS from some people

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    ProDave said:
    d123 said:
    k_man said:
    d123 said:
    ProDave said:
    k_man said:
    ProDave said:
    Sory it is my wife's phone on O2 that is not receiving some SMS messages when connected via wifi calling.  Is that a known problem?

    As suggested previously RCS based SMS will work for some messages, but not all. I wouldn't expect validation/OTP SMS to use RCS
    Are you saying these sorts of SMS will never work over wifi calling and will need a proper mobile signal to receive them?
    Properly integrated WiFi-Calling (like EE MVNO 1p have) will work for ALL text messages, including OTP.

    Unfortunately o2 made a complete mess of the implementation and for years had no SMS support, it's only recently started to integrate SMS but it's still a lottery if the handset can use it. 

    Dont get confused by RCS, it's essentially another version of Apple iMessage but for Android phones, if the sender and receiver have RCS capable handsets and the network supports it then those text messages are sent as data (like iMessage does) and don't rely on network signal. It is just a bit of a confusing red herring in a conversation about Wificalling.
    RCS was mentioned to answer @ProDave 's  actual question:

    ProDave said:
    Here is a technical puzzle that hopefully someone can solve.

    So can anyone care to speculate why when connected via wifi calling, she can only receive SMS messages from some senders, the others she only receives when connected to a real mobile phone signal?

    I understand that, the point I was making was that it is causing some confusion to the basic problem which is wificalling not working as it should. The issue is the poor implementation of wificalling by o2, which is something the OP can solve by finding out if/when o2 might rectify the issue or by porting away to a network that has a proper implementation of Wi-FiCalling that actually works as it should.
    So are people saying that SMS via wifi calling is not implemented properly by O2 so we will never receive all SMS messages via O2 wifi calling until or if they correct their system?

    Why is it this sort of problem is not easy to find when choosing a provider?

    P.S we both chose O2 nearly 20 years ago when they were the only one covering our house, and then wifi calling did not exist.  Now we have lost the O2 signal but in the mean time a couple of years ago EE built the new mast that now covers us.

    When o2 originally implemented Wi-Fi Calling they took it literally and only enabled it for calls, this was their standard for years. Recently they decided to enable sms as well but (as seems quite normal for o2) they have somehow managed to bollox it up, some Wi-Fi Calling enabled phones still can't do sms while others can.

    EE and Three were the two networks that implemented Wi-Fi Calling correctly from launch,
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