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The previous thread has been closed, so I have started a new one. 

I am being scammed by Vodafone SecureNet which tells me that my 3 month free period has ended and I will be charged if I don't cancel. They give instructions on how to do this, but I can't as the phone they are sending these texts to is on the O2 network. 

Is this a scam, or is Vodafone trying to become con-artists? 


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    Vodafone do not scam people.

     If this were a scam from someone pretending to be Vodafone then there would be a link for you to click on to pay some money.

    Vodafone might and do raise incorrect billing messages.

    Have you ever had a contract with Vodafone? Has your phone number ever been on the Vodafone network?

    If not then ignore it.

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    Vodafone do not scam people.

    You seem very confident in issuing statements with no proof to back them up. 

    Personally, I will wait to see what happens before rushing to anything like such a self appointed superior position. 

    It is not my fault if Vodafone make billing errors. That is for them to sort out. 

    Why would my O2 phone number be listed on a Vodafone accounts list? They have obtained my number from somewhere, which sounds like dodgy practice just on its own. 

    And even if it was a Vodafone phone, their underhand tactics of suddenly giving people a 3 month free service and then making the customer opt out after that period, if they do not want to continue with a service they never asked for - seems like a scam to me. 
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