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2022 energy use

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  • SensibleSarahSensibleSarah Forumite
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    Only runs to 23rd Dec as that's the last time I did a meter read and got an updated bill, but 2022 usage for a 2-bed mid-terrace house in the North West with poor insulation and old windows and doors was:
    Gas - 2311 kWh
    Electricity - 1532

    That's down considerably on my 2021 usage, especially for gas as I have reduced my use of central heating considerably and it was already pretty low in comparison to most: 2021: Gas - 4432, Electricity - 1715

    I'm made up with that tbh. I work from home and am generally at home for at least 20 hours a day. Couldn't have restricted my heating use as much if I didn't have my heated throw. 
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    3 bed large detached period home with solid wall construction, partial doubleglazing and secondary glazing everywhere else. In London, east and west exposures. Gets very little solar gain during end of Sept - start of March due to local topography. Is on top of a hill, so a lot of wind exposure. EPC of D or E, not sure as improvement have been made since last EPC was done. Has decent loft insulation, but front and back doors are abysmal. Working from home, so heating on all the time September - May. Until September 2022 the target temp was 19.5C, this has now been reduced to 18.3C (7.30am-9.30pm). Night temp is 15C and 14C when we're away.

    In April 2022 unplugged old integrated fridge that came with the house, that reduced daily electric usage by 1.5kW/h, then a month later unplugged the extra freezer saving another 1kW/h a day and reviewed all electric appliances with a tapo plug. This encouraged changes in TV use as it would often stay in screensaver mode, now it gets turned off when I get distracted by social media. 

    Gas - 19,390kW/h
    Electricity - 2,565kW/h

    2023 gas usage aim is 16,000-17,000kW/h
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    2 bed mid terrace, 100-110 years old. Good loft insulation, new windows/doors on front of house, just my daughter and I here.
    The back windows and doors need doing as does the kitchen insulation. When I get round to having a new kitchen all insulation and new door and windows will be fitted which should keep the heat in the house for longer... But that's is a couple of year's away yet.

    Jan 1st to 31st December 2022 
    Electric 1097 kwh's
    Gas 3448 kwh's

    The year previous (same dates 2021)
    Electric 1490 kwh's 
    Gas 7857 kwh's 

    July 21 I had a feeling prices would go up, so started cutting back on usage's. Turning things off at the wall that wasn't being used i.e. when out the house or in bed, and having the heating on only when really needed.
    Because December 2022 was far colder than I anticipated I used 400kwh's more than I used the previous December (2021).

    2023... The electric will come down another 100kwh's this year as I got a smaller more efficient TV and got rid of the sky box. One I hit the "new low", the only room for me to reduce electric usage is the fridge freezer.... Which I'm looking into.
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    118 year old stone/brick/slate 3 bed mid-terrace in Glasgow. Conservation area so my options for wall insulation & glazing are limited (& not really cost effective to upgrade tbh even if I was allowed).
    Condensing combi boiler usually run at 53C flow temp., room 'stat & TRVs. Live alone so I can keep the house at a low temperature that is comfortable for me but many would moan at.

    Gas 5287kWh (this was down ~30% over previous year's 7350kWh, mostly imo due to mild year but some behaviour changes)
    Electricity at 1210kWh was up ~7% over previous year but I started using a dehumidifier & I had some workmen earlier in the year powering their tools from my sockets.

    p.s. if you were wondering 2010 wasn't a full year of records on this platform so ignore it.
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    60 year old 3 bed semi with an insulated cavity wall downstairs and (poorly insulated) timber frame upstairs, full thickness loft insulation.

    Predictions for the year based on previous years consumption was ~3500kWh electric and 13000kWh of gas.
    We got serious about energy saving in the summer, cutting our usage, and also had internal wall insulation fitted to the timber frame section in June, as well as solar in October.
    We ended the year on ~2900kWh electric and ~9100kWh Gas. Expecting 2023 to be lower once we get a full year's benefit from the home improvements.
    3.6 kW PV in the Midlands - 9x Sharp 400W black panels - 6x facing SE and 3x facing SW, Solaredge Optimisers and Inverter. 400W Derril Water (one day). Octopus Flux
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    2019 3 bed detached "new build". EPC B. 2 adults. Not working from home. Front of house south facing so all rooms bar one get heat gains when the sun is shining (annoyingly so in the summer!!)

    2022: Gas 5167kWh, Electric 2569kWh

    Both lower than 2021 but we have not really changed any habits so it is due to a combination of milder weather and me no longer working from home.
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