Praise to Ocado!

I've been fed up of supermarket deliveries either not turning up on time, or not having items in stock and either not sending them or crazy substitutes!

I've been giving Ocado a go for the last couple of months and they've not once let me down (touch wood). Out of about five deliveries, I've had one item be unavailable but it was a cake decorating kit my girlfriend had asked for but no major groceries disturbed. Every delivery has turned up within my time slot, I've been kept in the loop etc. 

If I book a slot now for next Friday, it tells me what's already out of stock and I can plan around it and makes life so much easier allowing for me to essentially pick my own substitutes or know in advance I may have to nip to another supermarket if I'm out and about, especially if I'm meal planning for certain days.

I've previously used Sainsbury's over the last few years, who've cancelled deliveries two or three times before now very last minute, but they tend to be worse for substitutes/unavailable items. Best one was no frozen garlic? No problem, have some frozen coriander...

If shopping in person, we tend to use Tesco, tried them for delivery once and it was straight up cancelled an hour before delivery. Mentioned it in conversation to my mum and they said they do that to my step-dad's parents every other week.

Thank you Ocado!


  • We have used  Ocado for most of our food deliveries ( and held substantial shares in the company ) for 10 years and we would willingly vote them as number 1 online retailer anytime we were asked.

    As you say, J, Ocado can generally be trusted to deliver what customers order ; because , as soon as an order is made online, that product is recorded as having to be available on the date requested, no matter how long in advance the order was placed. Ocado's "Smart Platform" is in high demand all over the world---googling it reveals just how sophisticated the system is---and brings in sizeable revenue regardless of its supermarket delivery service to households. And, of course, its joint venture with M&S brings items to our home that have only ever previously been available by going to an M&S store). Ocado is, in short, booming. 

    We sometimes ( not very often) have to use Waitrose/Tesco/Asda ( for items not available in Ocado's "menu") and the difference in service is very marked indeed : undelivered items, unwanted substitutes, late deliveries, fewer products online, lower standards generally.

    As you say, J, : Thank You Ocado !

    Happy New Year.
  • Another vote for Ocado. I’ve used them for ages and never a complaint. Lovely drivers too. 
  • JReacher1
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    Ocado are great. Quick question does anyone tip the driver?

    Had a delivery this week and there was a small awkward pause at the end of the delivery as if he expected me to tip him. Only use them 3/4 times a year so not sure what the etiquette is. 
  • JReacher1 said:
    Ocado are great. Quick question does anyone tip the driver?

    Had a delivery this week and there was a small awkward pause at the end of the delivery as if he expected me to tip him. Only use them 3/4 times a year so not sure what the etiquette is. 
    We use Ocado once, J, ---sometimes twice---a week all year round. If the driver was always the same one, we'd definitely give a tip at Xmas. But , though we sometimes meet a driver who's been to us a few times before and we remember each other, it's normally a stranger who delivers every week. So I think most customers in those circumstances would do as we do----and not give a tip to someone who has never delivered to us before and who we may never see again.
  • I tip them at Xmas and during the year if for example they’ve made it through snow or something that has made me extra glad for their service. 
    It’s always nice to be appreciated and they are unfailingly pleasant, I’ve found. I also ask if they would like to use the toilet, or if it is hot, if they need a glass of water. I do worry if they are out all day with nothing to drink in some of the very hot weather of recent years. 
  • Unfortunately not everybody can afford M&S prices

  • We have been with Ocado for 4 years but after it failed to deliver any frozen items in Christmas week, our view of them took a significant downward hit. The explanation offered was that the goods had been left in the warehouse. Fortunately, Iceland came to our rescue, 

    Out-of-interest, my wife commented on how much longer trays of Iceland soft fruits last compared to Ocado. Two days after delivery my Ocado raspberries were a complete mush. Iceland’s offer lasted a week. I think that it comes down to how they stored.
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    I really rate Ocado. We moved to a new area in 2021 and first tried to continue with Sainsburys who we'd been with previously, but we were missing items often and were given items with short dates. We then tried Morrisons and they seemed to turn up whenever they liked - regardless of the delivery slot - and again, with short-dated products. 

    Glad we went back to Ocado - rarely get subs and those we do get are sensible, use-by dates are reasonable and we do like the receipt with use-by dates. We had a good delivery from Waitrose too though...
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    Unfortunately not everybody can afford M&S prices

    I've used all the major supermarket delivery services and Ocado have actually worked out to be the cheapest. The reason for this is they keep offering me 20% off all food (not alcohol) purchases, free delivery and when you check out they offer you flash sale items for half price which are not normally on offer. Ocado prices in the main are certainly not more than 20% higher than other supermarkets (even aldi and lidl) and for most common items are normally on a par. Ocado delivery drivers are unfailing polite, so it's a big thumbs up from me as well.
  • DCFC79
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    I find the opposite, Ocado seems more expensive compared to other retailers but it all depends on what you buy.

    I do like how you can send back any bags on your next shop and you get some money back.

    Choice of food is different, some items you wouldnt find in a supermarket ime.
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