Is it possible to have both bulk LPG and bottled LPG?

So, Avanti have failed to delivery LPG to me for the last 6 weeks and I've now run out. I'm sure they'll get round to it eventually, but I'd like to try and prevent myself ending up without hot water again (heating is at least partially solvable with fan heaters).

Other than abandoning LPG for oil or a heat pump, I wondered whether I can install a switch to switch between the bulk LPG tank and a bottle of LPG? At least then I can go to my local supplier and pick up a bottle rather than waiting for the supplier to come out to me. Obviously it wouldn't be me installing the switch, but a certified professional ... I just wondered if anyone else had done this and whether it's a normal thing for people to do?


  • kassy64
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    Can't really help with your question, but it would be easier to find a reliable supplier for bulk LPG. How have they let you run out?
    Have you complained or thought of changing suppliers, even if your in a contract if they've let you run dry then I'm pretty sure you would be within your rights to move on ands find a more reliable supplier.
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    Not sure if that would be legal. If it was it would have to be a complex arrangement so that you could not empty the bulk tank via the branch line when no bottle was installed.
    A twin bottle arrangement is fairly common so it could be technically possible
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    Alter_ego said:
    Not sure if that would be legal. If it was it would have to be a complex arrangement so that you could not empty the bulk tank via the branch line when no bottle was installed
    Bottle gas dual/4 tank change-over gas regulator systems exist with non-return valves to enable bottle changes to take place... so something of similar ilk might be possible.  If not common (so would need suitable labelling).

    Note that LPG cylinders generally cost a lot in cylinder hire fees that is effectively non-refundable.

    But it would likely be a 'custom' install... and need to be done on the Low Pressure side (as the bulk tank has its own HP to LP regulator to make things more unusual...

    A question for their local LPG Gas Safe person I'd suggest (and maybe call a few alternative installers).

    The OP should issue a formal complaint to Avanti about this significant 6 week delay in delivery... What area of the country is this??  Are there known supply / transport issues there?  Have they tried 'soshul medya' shaming them about it to get a quicker delivery?

    Temporary HW via immersion heater - combi boiler have 'no backup' - is sensible.  Bottle gas (butane) mobile heater {with attendant water vapour and ventilation issues}.
    Or electric heaters.

    Longer term ASHPs are a good backup for oil and LPG heating - with an aircon benefit in hot summers if desired.
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