Well done Evri!



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    "We had a mass of problems with Hermes years ago but sine the new person started years ago, service is 101%
    I'm sure its the same for this company"

    It is the same company, presumably trying to escape their appalling reputation with the name change.
  • Well ths sendeer says they will contact evri to chase it. They know they have till tommorrow lunch to get a firm delivery out of Evri or I'll want a refund and buy locally. They said OK, I think they are fed up with Evri.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
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    sheramber said:
    There was a complaint before from someone annoyed because a parcel was delivered a day before the stated delivery date. Sometimes couriers just can win. 
    I assume you mean can't win, rather than can.

    I ordered something, and UPS said they were going to deliver tomorrow (Tuesday). So I rearranged my jobs for Tuesday to today so that I can be at home for the delivery tomorrow. They then decided without any notice to actually try to deliver it today (Monday) - no one home, so failed delivery. Now being told they will try redelivery on Wednesday rather than tomorrow (Tuesday) so no idea how to plan my week around this.

    The ironic thing is that the ordered item is an external parcel box because we have so many problems with couriers in our area...
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    MalMonroe said:
    Hi, I just wanted to say well done on the weight loss, that's no small feat. As someone who's trying to shed some weight, I am in awe.

    Also want to say that we have two regular Evri couriers who are really efficient and we know their names, too. (Husband and wife team but work separately).  They even live nearby. . . 

    I've never had any problem, when they were Hermes or now they're Evri. 

    Thank you for being supportive to them because they need some praise as they do get a lot of criticism on this forum. 

    I hope you are pleased with your M&S purchase, you really do deserve it. I think, anyhoo   :) 
    It is a cashmere sweater.  It’s gorgeous.  The weight loss was achieved by a strict low carb diet.  The money I saved by not overeating paid for the sweater.  
  • I know Evri is not everyone’s favourite firm so I had to tell you of my experience.

    Having lost 26 kg o:) I treated myself to a beautiful sweater for Christmas and New Year.  I ordered it online from M & S and paid £4.99 extra for it to be delivered on Sunday otherwise it might not have got here on time.

    Imagine my surprise and pleasure when it arrived on Saturday.  That means my Sunday is now free.  

    Well done Evri 
    Perhaps this sort of evidence, which is borne out by all my many personal dealings with Hermes/Evri will show that it may be the minority who are shouting the loudest on another thread on this "Vents" board.
  • mac.d
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    I doubt very much its a minority of people who have problems with Hermes/Evri, I've never seen a single courier have so many complaints about it (not just in this forum). 

    I've used them in the past without anything but minor issues (parcel late but still delivered, parcel left on doorstep in the rain) and also a few that were delivered just fine. However, my one recent experience is this month with an order from Photobox. I've placed three orders with them recently, two were delivered fine with Royal Mail, now I have an order that's been sent by Evri, and they appear to have lost it. No contact from Evri whatsoever, despite them having it showing in their tracking as received on the 6th and 'sorry your parcel has been delayed' on the 7th.

    Fair enough mistakes happen, but will they ever contact me to say sorry we've lost your parcel? There's no way of contacting them either, so I'll contact Photobox to hopefully get the item reordered (though obviously not in time for Christmas, but there's nothing can be done about that), and Photobox will need to chase up Evri.
  • Just to jump into this. 

    Evri like hermes are the worse couriers I've ever experienced. I've had expensive items left on doorstop when they have been sent signed for. I've had items arrive damaged. Add to this I've had items tracked at "in hub" for days on end to them become updated as "damaged",thus sender having to send again.

    On the latter I 100% believe it to be a scam for Evri couriers to steal the goods then claim damaged in transit as myself and others have had this funny enough only happen on expensive items.

    I write this as currently look at my tracking number as it reads "in hub" for last 8 days...
    I'm 100% it to change to damaged as the item in question is expensive so expect more criminal behaviour.

    I can't believe a company allowed to operate with no complaints procedure in place, surely this illegal? 
  • olgadapolga
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    The_blur said:

    On the latter I 100% believe it to be a scam for Evri couriers to steal the goods then claim damaged in transit as myself and others have had this funny enough only happen on expensive items.

    Sorry, that's just bordering on a conspiracy theory. I've had two damaged parcels recently, both sub-£10.
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